About Freespirit Wolfsinger

I am Freespirit.  Welcome to my circle.Sandie & William

I am a wife; I am a mother; I am a grandmother.  As my family grows I become more and more aware of how we are all connected and how we are all dependent on each other.  This is an essential truth and one which the Lakota Sioux have a way of expressing.

It is this: Mitakuye Oyasin.  It means We Are All Related or To All My Relations.  Profound isn’t it, for it expresses with great simplicity our global family and our great responsibility to each other, and to the Earth that supports us.

I love to create and I have gained great pleasure through the old fashioned art of card making.  One of my granddaughters says “We always know which card is from Nana and Gramps because its ‘creative’!  How cool is that?

Sometimes I write, when the ‘muse’ is with me.   I really do feel that I am inspired, for sometimes the words just flow and I put them on paper.  It has always been my feeling that when I write poetry, it is not really meant for me, that I am an interpreter and that I really must share it.  So it is my pleasure to do so with you.  Please enjoy using my poems; I am very happy for you to use my words but if you pass them on, I would only ask that you do so in the spirit of love in which they were created.

Let this circle be a happy place, a place for sharing, a place of kindness.

So that is it really.  Be welcome at my camp fire, stay a while and read my poetry, and as the Lakota say:

Mitakuye Oyasin