My Yule Wish for Scotty’s Little Soldiers

Merry Yule beloveds!

Yuletide, Hannukah, Christmas, the Midwinter Festival, the Festival of Lights – this is my favourite time of year, whatever flavour it comes in!

I love the sparkle, the giving, the unwrapping, but most of all, I love having my beloved family around me.  I feel particularly blessed this year.

But I do recognise that for some people, this can be an especially poignant or difficult time of year.

Imagine the conflicted emotions of those children, for whom Christmas should be most magical, facing the festive season without a loved one.

Imagine the child whose daddy, mummy or other loved one will never be coming home again.

Spreading the Light

I will let Nikki Scott, the courageous young woman who founded this charity, tell you about Scotty’s Little Soldiers and the wonderful work it does.

I was so moved by Nikki’s story myself that I really wanted to do something to help.

I had the idea that I should offer some of my digital artwork and poetry, in return for donations, in my shop Pandora’s Box.  Then I thought – why not ALL of it? After all, these are my gifts, which I am happy to give away: perhaps with your help we can pass it forward.

Please go to Scotty’s, if you haven’t already visited.

Then, please visit my shop (Pandora’s Box), download some artwork and let’s see if – like Pandora of old – we can bring a little Hope into the world.

If you don’t like my artwork or my poetry, please just leave a little something on my fundraising page anyway, for Scotty’s Little Soldiers.

Merry Yule and Brightest Blessings – Freespirit xx


Chocolate Chip Cookies – Recipe Card

Recipe Card

I made these cookies yesterday when my kids and grandies were visiting – they went down a storm!

So – I decided not only to give you the recipe but also to design you a little recipe card to display it!

Print this card on your home printer, use it in your scrapbooking or to make an unusual greetings card for a friend.

I suspect your children or grandchildren would enjoy these in their Hallowe’en celebrations, too!

Do take this recipe and use it as you see fit – it would be lovely if you come back and let me know how you get on with your baking and your scrapping.


Mitakuye Oyasin – We Are All Related

Freespirit x


Scrapchat 7

Spring Blessings

Spring is just around the corner.  I feel it, even though the weather is still cold I can see signs of life all around, bursting out of the ground.  The birds are flirty, chasing each other around the garden, and we see them busily carrying great piles of twigs and leaves to make their nests.  Spring is definitely in the air.

I love spring and I look forward to celebrating the spring equinox, I’ve written a little about the customs of Oestara here.  Many people in this country will be looking forward to celebrating Easter and my family always looks forward to the egg hunts that I plan for my grandchildren.  Hunting for eggs is a tradition which spans culture and spiritual belief as the egg is a well known symbol of the renewal that welcomes spring.

I am planning to make some pretty baskets for my grandchildren to use to collect their eggs in.  I shall use my new Spring Blessings background papers and embellishments for this project and when they are ready I shall post some photographs here.

Meanwhile, I have made a spring greeting card which could be used for any of the spring celebrations.

I made my card using an A5 sheet of white cardstock.   I printed page 1 first and then fed it back into the printer to print the inside pages.  Then I  folded it carefully and scored it with a ruler.  I usually ink the edges of my cards, it gives them a nice little finish.

I used two papers from the kit, one for a background for the front page and one in a shape to make the journal spot for the Spring Blessings word art, from the embellishment pack.  The embies are also from the embellishment kit and I have repeated the daffodil inside.

Freebie Friday #6

Hello again!

My, don’t the weeks go quickly?  I’ve had a real busy one this week, family stuff you know.  But here it is and its Friday again.

Anyone getting excited about the festive season yet?  I know many people will be getting ready for Thanksgiving which is coming up next week and there are so many winter festivals coming up in December, celebrations of love and light, with feasting and family visits and gifts to exchange.

I love this time of year – the lights, the shopping and the wrapping, its just my favourite time of year.  On the 21st December, I celebrate Yule – that’s my spiritual celebration.  We put out the lights and light candles.  Then we give thanks for everything good in our life and celebrate that after the longest night, the sun is ‘reborn’ and that spring will once again bring the world to life.

On the 25th we celebrate Christmas with the family and its a time of love and laughter, of exchanging gifts and being together.  I can’t wait!

This week, as its only 5 weeks to go, I’ve another festive freebie for you and this time its a quick page.

Click image to download

Quick pages (QP) are so useful when you’re in a hurry.  You can literally just drop your photos onto the page, layer them behind the QP and you’re good to go.  Got 5 minutes to spare you can pop on some embies and some text, perhaps a date stamp for your photos.  Want to play around a bit and you can tint your page to match the photos.  Remember, with digital scrapping, your imagination can go wild and if you don’t like what you’ve done, you can so easily change it.

If you feel like picking up this QP to add to your collection, please help yourself.  It would be real nice if you would leave a comment, just to show me that I’m not talking to myself.  😉

To all my cousins across the pond, have a wonderful Thanksgiving next week!

Many blessings – FS xx

Freebie Friday #5

Hi y’all!

Hope you’ve had a great week.  I’ve had a strange one myself, but here I am again and I have a wee giftie for you.

I’ve been working on a new kit, Cool Yule, which will be in my shop this weekend, because its only 6 weeks until the festivities and we crafty people need to get busy.

I’ve made you a mini kit to go with Cool Yule, so if you decide to buy that then they will work very well together.  In your kit you have a background, a journal spot, a tag, a ribbon embellishment and two word arts.

Click image to download

Perhaps you can use it to make some simple cards, or invitations, or some scrap pages for your gift projects.

Don’t forget if you are using Scrapbook Max you can recolour and re-texturise as I explained last week.  You can get great effects by adding shadows too.

If I find myself a few minutes, I will try to pop back with some ideas for you to try out.

Meanwhile, if you decide to download this freebie, I hope you enjoy it and PLEASE leave me a little love on the website, because we all need that, right? 😉

Blessings – Freespirit xx

Freebie Friday #4

Hi y’all

Hope you’ve all had a good week.

I had a great time on Halloween with the family and of course, I took lots of photos of the littlies enjoying Trick or Treat.

Halloween has become a popular holiday in the UK over the last decade or so, but people tend to love it or loathe it.  Personally I think its great fun for families to enjoy together, as long as we remember that not everyone wants to join in and respect their wishes.

My granddaughters had a Halloween birthday party in the afternoon, so duly dressed for the occasion my DIL and I took our precious little witches to their party where they enjoyed a magician’s show and birthday tea.  Then it was back home for some R&R before setting out for Trick or Treating.  As usual, we chose only the houses which had been decorated with pumpkins and black cats, bats and cobwebs, as that seems the best way to decide if someone is joining in or not.  Our little ones shouted Trick or Treat with great enthusiasm and seemed to enjoy themselves greatly.  Then it was back home to share out their booty before bedtime stories.

Its easy to believe that Halloween is a holiday we borrowed from our cousins in the USA, but in truth it all started way back in merry old England and Ireland with the new year feast of Samhain.  You can read my Blog about Halloween and its roots here:

Now to Freebie Friday!

Today I am giving you some bright fun elements of red and yellow, I hope you have fun playing with them.  You will find in your kit four brads and two transparent flowers.  I have made the brads large enough for you to play around with – shrink them up or keep them large to use as journal spots.

Click image to download

Don’t forget that with just six embies, you can make a whole host more just using Scrapbook Max.

You can change their colours; retexture them with Effects; group them together to make new embellishments; shrink them and string together to make borders; rub out the centre with the Eraser to make frames.  Your imagination is the limit.

Here are some very simple ideas for you to try:

Enjoy your freebies!

Brightest Blessings – Freespirit x

Scrapchat 5

Wow, I don’t know about you guys, but my weekend went so fast, it practically flew by!

I finally have my new packs of digital designs on my Etsy shop

Fall Into Autumn Digital Embellishment Pack

Fall Into Autumn Digital Paper Pack

and here are some pics so you can take a peek.

The kits are autumn themed and part of a range called Fall Into Autumn.  You’ll find russets, reds, orange, gold and green in the colour palette, all textured or designed to favour those beautiful autumn pictures.

Use these kits in your memory albums – digital or traditional, any paper crafting, making inchies and ATCs, home crafted greetings cards and invitations, making posters and wall art.

In fact, if you can think it, try it!  In digital design your imagination is really the limit, so go crazy and Fall Into Autum!  But don’t forget, my digital papers and embellishments are just as good printed out so you need never be short of paper and decorations again in your own designs.

Many Blessings – Freespirit xx