More Happy Cards for Kids

Justice, Faerie TarotFaerie Tarot: Premier Edition by Nathalie Hertz

Today, I am learning some more from the mind of a child.  I move forward from the joyous freedom of the Fool, and I meet a beautiful Fey, whose name is Temperance.

She pours an unknown liquid from her jug into a chalice.  We could attempt to define this energy, but today this card is for all the children – the ones who are sad, the ones who are lonely, the ones who are afraid.

Today, the universe brings you a gift – it is a rainbow.

It is a rainbow of love and within its many colours there are smiles and there is laughter.

Rainbows are magical, aren’t they?  Do you know how a rainbow is made?  It is made by mixing raindrops and sunshine!

What is your favourite colour?  Is it yellow?  Is it green?  Whatever colour makes you happy, I want you to close your eyes and in this moment, I want you to imagine that the rainbow flows over you and you become at the centre of its beautiful colours and all around you is your favourite colour of all.  Remember, too, that the colours in a rainbow can make ALL the colours that you can imagine!  Temperance mixes her colours to find the perfect one to make you happy.

Today, my children, this rainbow is for you.  It wants you to be happy.  It wants you to know, that even when life brings you tragedy, its OK to smile again.

So when you feel sad, remember the Rainbow that the Temperance Faerie brought to you and let yourself smile.

Mitakuye Oyasin – We Are All Related

Freespirit x



Happy Cards for Kids

Fool, Faerie Tarot

Faerie Tarot: Premier Edition by Nathalie Hertz

Children are the future, that’s what we say isn’t it?  Sometimes I think, in our honest desire to help them be the best they can be, we forget to let them ‘just be‘ right now!

So I decided to find a ‘happy deck’ just for using with my littlies.  Not to do readings, of course, but just to be able to share some of the happy, hopeful stuff.

The task was much harder than you might imagine, because The Tarot has a full range of dark and wonderful imagery and is naturally considered an adult pastime.  So even my most etheric, beautiful decks have a darker side.  I looked right through my extensive deck collection – oh, don’t get me started on just how extensive it really is!  Truly, I have some delightful decks but all of them, in some ways, have some images that I consider to be unhelpful to the younger seeker.

I mentioned this to my husband, who in his rather pragmatic way asked me if it would be very unethical to simply take out the cards that I did not want to use.  Ordinarily, this sort of doctoring of the deck would be quite unthinkable, but in the spirit of joy that is childhood, I decided to do just that.  So I took out the Death card first.  Even at its most positive, I felt that image would be inappropriate.  Then – shock horror – I removed all the Swords.  That left me with a delightfully quirky, upbeat and positive deck for the little kiddies to enjoy looking at.

Of course, the Faerie Tarot is a very intuitive deck in its own right and all the cards contain the ancient wisdom of the Arcana wrapped up in their whimsical images.

So with all these thoughts in my mind, I shuffled and out popped – The Fool!

It seemed so appropriate and so very obvious, that I laughed out loud.  Such a jolly fellow, playing with his friend, climbing trees, making daisy chains – just being a kid!

But the Fool, for all his games and merriment, is not really a fool.  He embraces diversity and regards the world with innocence and faith.

For those young people who are studying hard to get their grades, work is so important, but taking a little time away from the books to hang out with their friends is important too.

To those kids whose lives are so busy with sports fixtures, music lessons and all those extra-curricular activities that we, as parents and guardians, cram into their days so they don’t miss a thing – take a breath and play the Fool!  Because there are things about childhood that cannot be taught.

And once we are adults, we spend our lives trying to recapture that wonderful, liberating innocence and childlike joy.

Mitakuye Oyasin – We Are All Related

Freespirit x