Featured Deck: Crystal Visions Tarot

Three Card Spread using Crystal Visions Tarot by Jennifer Galasso

What do I need to know?  Seven of Swords

Card of the day

The message traditionally associated with this card is one of secrecy and deceit, though I have never been quite satisfied with this interpretation.  In my experience, there is usually a hidden depth of meaning to be uncovered before we consider this image to mean simple theft.

In the image I see a winged-figure, an angel perhaps, collecting swords from a battlefield.  Around him fly ravens, carrying away the swords of fallen combatants I imagine, although they are not shown.  Although we are told that ravens are harbingers of death and not to be trusted, the ravens have not brought disaster, they are simply clearing up what is left after conflict.  They do what is necessary to restore harmony.

The snow lies thickly upon the ground and yet there is no sign of a battle, just the swords.  Where is the blood? Where the fallen heroes?  This battle – raged over and over again in your own mind, possibly – was fought long ago.  Now the snow covers its remains.  All that is left are the weapons of conflict.  Are they remaining thoughts or careless words that keep these difficulties fresh in your mind?

Nothing is being taken from you that you need, the ravens and the angel simply wish to tell you to let go – of whatever remains to torment you.

The snow covers the ground; beneath, who knows what seeds lie dreaming, awaiting their chance to grow into something new.  Behind the dark clouds there is light.

What do I need to do?  Ace of Wands

Crystal Visions Ace Wands

A dragon curves sinuously around a decorated wand, its top adorned with a glimmering crystal.  This is a time of beginning; here is the seed of which I spoke.  It lies awaiting its opportunity to grow.  Will you  grasp the opportunity you are offered? Will you use your creativity to enhance your life and bring it closer to your heart’s desire?  The Ace Wands offers growth and plenty, but only you can make it grow.

What feelings or outside influences should I acknowledge?  Page of Cups

Crystal Visions Page Cups

The Page of Cups holds a glowing orb of energy, quietly contemplating the mysteries within, perhaps hearing voices from beyond.

Acknowledging this part of yourself and open yourself to the possibilities it offers.  The Page is very young – take advice of your mentors to fully realise your own destiny.


The Seven of Swords reminds us that thoughts have power – the power of intention.

What occupies our focus develops a life of its own.

Words have power too; they might help or destroy; they might injure or heal.

Use your words and your intent very carefully.

Ravens are messengers of the gods and they bring wisdom.  They claim the decaying morsels of life which no longer serve us.

Consider carefully what ideas you carry in your heart – if they no longer serve you, let them go.

Allow your mind to be still and quiet; in the silence of this peaceful mind, you can perceive where the seeds of new life may lie, sleeping under the mantle of winter.

Accept the challenge the Ace of Wands extends to you, and begin to weave a new destiny.

Listen to your heart, trust your intuitions and pay attention to your dreams, for in your dreaming heart lies your path ahead.

Copyright Sandie Worthy © 2013


Card of the Day 9

Each day, I will draw a card from a different deck and post here my reflections

Seven of Cups: Robin Wood

The first card I drew today was the 7 Pentacles, which was also yesterday’s card.  So I laid that to one side and drew another. When that also proved to be a 7, I thought it would be wise to mention the relationship between cards of the same number presenting together.

Sevens relate to the querent coming through a period of flux or adjustment, towards the completion that comes with the 10’s.   So when 2 present side by side, one reinforces the other.

The pentacles relate to the physical world, finances, security and spiritual matters; the cups refer to the world of emotions and relationships. The cups following on from the pentacles in this case suggests that the physical harvest that the pentacles relate to is connected to the emotions and relationships of the querent.

Today’s image shows a young woman daydreaming; she is building castles in the air. Is this time wasted when there is work to be done? Not necessarily so, in some cultures it is believed that we can literally dream our futures.

Everybody dreams and it is our dreams which inspire us to do our best work.  One person may dream of being a writer and go on to write a best seller. Another may dream of being a doctor and go on to develop a life saving procedure.

I mentioned the relationship aspect of cups and one might reasonably consider that only if the querent’s personal relationships (or one in particular) are healthy might the promise of the 7 Pentacles will be brought to fruition.

French writer Antoine de Saint Exupery said “To love is not to look at one another: it is to look, together, in the same direction.”  Being in a healthy relationship, where each helps the other achieve their dreams, can be a vital component of achieving one’s potential.

When 7 Cups strolls into your cards, remember: it is important to dream our dreams, for only then might we achieve our potential.  Having dreamed the dream, we must do all that we can to bring that dream into the world of reality, so that we might build our castles upon solid ground.

Mitakuye Oyasin – We Are All Related x

Card of the Day 7

Each day, I will draw a card from a different deck and post here my reflections

Four of Cups: Shadowscape Tarot

A beautiful mermaid gazes idly at her own reflection in the water beneath the rock where she rests.

She whispers I’m bored. But no-one hears.

She cries I’m not happy. But no-one answers.

Or perhaps they do and she is the one who does not hear, who fails to answer.

The tiny air sprites all around her go unnoticed, for she has only time for her own sadness. They might be calling her to join their game, to push bubbles to the top of the water so they can chase them until they burst! But she has no time for them and so misses the moment.

Beneath her in the briny depths, life goes on, her friends continue with their own lives while she lies wallowing in her own discontent.

Look around her and you will see, there is so much for her to do, her environment is so rich and ever changing.

When 4 Cups appears in your spread, do take care that you are not spending all the precious NOW wondering what you’re missing. Perhaps life is pretty good really and you just need to shake yourself up a little.

Mitakuye Oyasin – We Are All Related

Card of the Day 3

Each day, I will draw a card from a different deck and post here my reflections

Page of Cups: Shadowscape Tarot

The Page of Cups speaks:  I am the herald of love.  I live within the world of the senses, but I am very young and I do not always know how to express my feelings.

If my energy is flowing through you today, enjoy its honest simplicity, for I speak of small pleasures like enjoying the sunshine, watching the birds building their nests, taking time to smell the roses.
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