Card of the Day: Temperance, Robin Wood

My card of the day is drawn from one of my own treasured decks; my interpretation is drawn from my intuition and from my many years of experience as a professional tarot reader. Each time I read in this way, I add to my own experience of the arcana, the journey is evolutionary. I hope that my reflections will add something to your own understanding of this mystical and ancient craft.

Temperance – Robin Wood Tarot Deck


LOL – I really did laugh out loud when I asked for wisdom for the day and I pulled this card.  Nothing terribly deep and mysterious here, I thought, despite it being a Major.  For one thing I do lack is moderation!  I tend not to walk the middle road.  I am passionate about my loves, I wear my heart on my sleeve and most everyone can read my emotions!

So on the weekend, well yes I may enjoy baking chocolate chip cookies a little more than I should – for the family, you understand – even though I know its not just the fairies who will eat the cookie dough!  (Click here to view my recipe)

But of course, there is another type of temperance.  In my card, this spirit being holds one foot in the water of life and with his hands he juggles three glowing orbs.  He is weaving together disparate elements until he reaches perfection.  To me, he represents the Divine Sword of Truth.

Think of the creation of a sword – it must be firm, but it must also have flexibility.  It must be sharp but it also needs strength.  The process by which this is achieved is called tempering.

We all need to go through this process in our lives.  Some of us will go through it many times more than we would wish and it may seem that others appear to walk through life, largely unscathed and unchallenged.

But life is like this, is it not?  We are constantly tested beyond our endurance.  Sometimes, I look around me and I think my concerns are quite trivial, when I consider the heartache and suffering others must endure.  But this process of temperance is what shapes our characters and makes us who we are.  For when the only thing we can choose is to decide, above the odds, to go on – then we really shine.

I have been reflecting on this quite considerably recently, I am certain that is why I was offered this card today.  To read a story of true courage and endurance, go to Nikki’s Blog and you will have a little insight into how one woman rose to the challenge and decided to put one foot in front of the other, and help others to smile.

Mitakuye Oyasin – We Are All Related

Freespirit x




Card of the Day: 45

The Elements, from the Book of Shadows Tarot: As Above by Barbara Moore

Book of Shadows: Book and Card Set Kit

In the Rider Waite Tarot, this card would be termed the Magician and while I am most comfortable with that terminology and imagery, there is a certain logic to this which I find quite appealing.

You see, the Magician can give a very mixed message.  We think of him as being clever and powerful, or manipulative and devious and this allows us to misread this card at times.

Lets think about the word Magician – one who wields magic.

Magic – like any force of nature – is without guile or bias, rather like electricity.  It would be absurd to say of electricity that it is evil or good.  It is neither – it is power for us to use or not use, wisely or unwisely.

So for anyone who has ever struggled to interpret the Magician card in a reading, perhaps it will be useful to see it in this abstract form.

For now we can see what has been there all along – that the elements, the seen and unseen forces of the universe, are available for us to make use of in the same way that we use electricity.

In this image, four hands offer the elemental gifts for the use of the journeyman.  Fire, the creative force; Air, the force of directed thought; Water, the power of the emotions and Earth, physical matter.

You are offered the world – will you take it? Will you make it yours?

Whatever gifts you were born with, use them well, use them wisely for with these gifts, you get to make your own reality.

Wherever you are on your path through life, you are told by this card to make the best of yourself, to use your intelligence and your talents to Walk your Talk on this road of life, to fulfil your destiny and your own sacred purpose.

Mitakuye Oyasin – We Are All Related

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Freespirit x

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Deck Review: The Sirian Starseed Tarot by Patricia Cori, illustrated by Alysa Bartha

The Sirian Starseed Tarot by Patricia Cori

Copyright: All images © 2012 Patricia Cori and Alysa Bartha; All article rights © 2012 Sandie Worthy

When I was approached about reviewing this deck, my first impulse was to say Yes, I’d love to!  Why wouldn’t I?  I had read of the Sirian Mysteries, Starchildren, Indigos and Crystals and I was sufficiently intrigued to want to know more.  I began to read what the other reviewers had written about this new and mysterious deck.

They wrote, variously, of cards leaping, energetic pulses and an overwhelming feeling of love.  Such descriptions are de rigeur among writers of esoteric review, and I withheld judgement until I was able to experience the deck for myself.

When Patricia Cori, a leading new-age author, felt compelled to translate her vision into a tarot deck, she approached talented  metaphysical artist, Alysa Bartha.  The result of that co-creation can only be described as stunning.

The set comes in a very sturdy box, which will keep it secure for many years to come.  I was impressed by this, as so many kits are spoiled by their flimsy cases.  As a teacher, I prefer to keep my decks in their original boxes, so that my students can easily recognise the cards within.

The pocket-sized book says everything – in about 80 pages – that it needs to say,  without becoming verbose.  I love it – there’s enough to satisfy even inexperienced readers and still leave plenty of scope for the imagination to take flight.

Measuring a generous 4” x 6” and of substantial weight, the cards have a glossy finish which allows you to fully appreciate the stunning artwork.  Despite the size, I found that the cards rested comfortably in my small hands and, after a little while I was able to shuffle them quite easily.   And to be honest, I wouldn’t want to give up any of that extra space, this artwork demands a large canvas.

Although Patricia wanted to honour the rich heritage of tradition within the tarot, she also wanted to bring a fresh perspective to its ancient wisdom.

The deck retains its standard 78 cards,  comprising the Major Arcana with 22 cards and four suits of 14 cards apiece, but with some differences.  The Majors are quite easily recognisable, despite some name changes.  The suits have been renamed as Orbs, Flames, Chalices and Crystals.

It is the court cards that have undergone the greatest transformation.  Patricia wanted to encourage a more intuitive response to these character cards, which after all, confuse and confound the most experienced among us.

She deals with this by dispensing with the feudal structure of the court hierarchy and referring to them as People Keys, renaming them Seeker, Adept, Sage and Master.  In the companion book she reminds us of their nature.  They are personality traits, experiences, awakenings, indicators, situations and characters that influence our lives and spiritual progress.

Instead of defining each of the 16 personalities, she explains each of those four roles in general and asks us to consider their attributes in relation to the essence of their suits.

The 78 cards of this deck are beautiful, surprising, occasionally disturbing, at times confusing and always challenging.

Indigo bears the number 1, usually depicted by the Magician.  What magic and deep awareness lies within his eyes?  What gift does he hold forth?

The Higher Self, the second card of the Major Arcana, is usually called High Priestess.  She emerges from the water bearing a scroll.  Behind two darkened pillars, we see a multi-coloured universe filled with stars.

Seeker of Orbs attempts to gain control over her own thoughts, which manifest in a glowing orb of green light.  Around her is darkness, but she is quite focused upon the light of her own knowledge.

Look how she has grown and learned from the dull leaden thoughts that surrounded her in the 9 of Orbs.

The Shadow – a spider’s web is all that stands between the two figures and their own freedom, a gossamer threaded web, spun perhaps from the ego’s selfish desires and fears.  How much more expressive is this than the usual depiction of the Devil?  For aren’t we all, at some time, bound by our own doubts and obsessions?

Six of Crystals, in which a beautiful young woman sits upon one side of the balance.  Her white robes express purity, as she offers a perfect pink rose to an outstretched pair of hands.  Do you understand the nature of her gift?  Can you perceive the harmony within the balance of this image?

Five of Orbs.  You will not like this card.  It has a quiet brutality that goes beyond reasoned thought.  It is the faceless thief of power.  This image is disturbingly honest; I have never seen this archetype expressed so accurately, nor have I ever understood it so well.

The real power of this deck is its ability to bring about an intuitive response in the reader.  Read the book, of course, for it contains a wealth of information.

But all knowledge must be tested with understanding.  All lessons must be absorbed, evolved, tried, tasted, tempered with one’s own experiences, compassion and awareness.  Thus is wisdom born and shared.

I cannot do this deck justice in a nine hundred word review.  For the student of the tarot, it offers a unique and fresh perspective upon the ancient wisdom of our art.  For the seeker, it is another step upon the path.  Gaze into and beyond the images, for who knows what wonders lie within this beautiful tarot.  This is more than a tarot, it is a tool for awakening the sleeping Starseed within us all.  Enjoy the journey!

Mitakuye Oyasin – We Are All Related

Freespirit x

Copyright: All images © 2012 Patricia Cori and Alysa Bartha; All article rights © 2012 Sandie Worthy


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Card of the Day – 44


Ace of Crystals

The Sirian Starseed Tarot by Patricia Cori

As promised, I shall be featuring a full review of this gorgeously illustrated new tarot deck and book set.

Leading up to that I have decided to feature individual cards, to give you a better understanding of the deck, its imagery and symbolism.

Fate, good fortune or serendipity has brought us this spectucular gift from the earth.

It awaits the finder, visible to all, upon a seemingly barren cliff face.  A fully formed crystal,  waiting for the right seeker to happen upon it, hoping perhaps that its energies will be used wisely and well.

This magical gift of the earth awaits you.   Gaze upon it; look into its timeless beauty; see how it glows, its golden rose aura promising abundance, success and material security.

Its face gazes back, its ancient wisdom reaching out towards you.  Its holds the energies of the earth.  You, too, may channel your energies – will you use them for the good of all?  Will you devote them to your soul’s highest purpose? Do you shine forth your light, amplifying your own energy by cooperating with others on the path towards success?

Look into this timeless face and see the power of your own body bring about the rewards you seek.

Mitakuye Oyasin – We Are All Related

Freespirit x

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Card of the Day: 42

Ten of Orbs

The Sirian Starseed Tarot by Patricia Cori

In the traditional Rider Waite image of this Minor Arcana, we would be presented with an image of person lying face down, ten swords in his back and a pool of blood.  It is very dramatic and is often taken quite literally by querents, perhaps less so by experienced readers.

But here, though the image is prone, the meaning is less cut and dried.  It is less dramatic, the man apparently un-injured.

It is quite clear that all is not well, but the nature of the dis-ease is less discernable.  And that, I think, is the crux of the matter.

This guy really wants to be left in peace, at least for the time being.  I don’t think he has been betrayed by anything other than his mind.  He is, perhaps, tired of the monkey chatter in his brain, hammering away until he can no longer make sense of it.

He cries out for a moment’s peace, to still his mind and hush the constant chatter that invades his every thought, deprives him of sleep and leaves him feeling ill at ease and quarellsome.

We all know this feeling, don’t we? When our problems have got the better of us, when our sleep has been ruined by yet another nightmare, when logic has deserted us and whatever those who love us say, its wrong!

This card says, give up fighting it just for a little while.  Tomorrow, you can go back to your battle, if you must.  Tomorrow, you can save the world.  But tonight, just for tonight, take a break, do something just for you and find that little oasis of peace that you need to re-charge your batteries.

In the words of Scarlet O’Hara* “Tomorrow is another day!

Mitakuye Oyasin – We Are All Related

Freespirit x

* from Gone with the Wind, by Margaret Mitchell

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Interview with The Sirian Starseed Tarot by Patricia Cori & Alysa Bartha


The Sirian Starseed Tarot by Patricia Cori

Before writing my review of this deck set, I decided it would be helpful to familiarise myself with the cards using this layout.

The moment I looked at the cards I had drawn, I realised that this would be a profoundly enlightening reading

The first thing I noticed about the cards I had drawn was the adjacent Chalices in the first and second positions on my spread.  This must tell me something important about the nature of the work that I will do with this tarot.

Then my attention was drawn to the absence of Orbs, which relate to Air and correspond to the more traditional models of the Rider-Waite clone decks.  I perceived that my experiences with this deck would not be centred on the intellectual, logical aspects of my journey.

I have a seeker, a beginning, a learning experience no doubt.  A card of loss in position five, a challenge perhaps.  A Major Arcana card in the final position, an important outcome.

Lets read.

Tell me about yourself. What is your most important characteristic?  7 Chalices

An otherworldly staircase leads towards the stars.  It is lined with glowing chalices of silver and gold, within which we see dreams, or perhaps illusions.  The eternal light of the stars reflect upon these chalices.  But we, in corporeal form, are not eternal.  We  must learn the lessons of this lifetime within its short span.

I know that this deck has important teachings to share about focus and intent.  I also see that it has much to do with this time; an ephemeral though substantial spiral unfolds itself up the stairway to the stars, drawing the eye upward towards the highest treasured phantom image, which I am certain represents a connection to Spirit.

This card reminds me that I have many, so many lessons to learn and perhaps gifts to share.  In order to unfold their untold treasures I must focus upon my highest ideals, for myself, those around me and for the greater good.

What are your strengths as a deck? 6 Chalices

A feeling of safety and an overwhelming sense of love.  I remember my childhood, its security, of never feeling alone.  As we grow older, we recognise that these things are, perhaps, illusions in this physical manifestation, for ultimately we all must know loneliness, loss and fear in one way or another.

Looking at the star-children in this image, I know that I do, indeed, come from a greater family and I catch a glimpse of their timeless love, their enduring care and I know, with deep certainty that I shall know them again.

What are your limits as a deck?  Ace Wands

I am the spark.

You are the flame.

You must provide the energy to allow your flame to burn with consistency.

You must be prepared to expend yourself to achieve your highest potential.



What are you here to teach me?  Seeker of Crystals

Recognise your own true potential and accept your gifts.  Immerse yourself fully in your corporeal body and learn from it and  within it.

Use the crystals you love to ground yourself in this earthly experience.

Reaquaint yourself with their characteristics, their healing gifts and their earthly vibrations to develop your own skills, as a reader, healer and teacher.

Explore their depths, become attuned to their different vibrations in order to better understand this reality and your own role within it.


How can I best learn from and collaborate with you?  5 Crystals

Learn to deal with loss.

It’s a hard lesson for you to look into the face of despair, but it is something we must all learn.





What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?  Strength

The coming time is momentous, a true time for awakening, battles to be endured, hard lessons to be learned.

All these challenges must be faced with courage, with empathy and awareness of the sacredness of your path.

Recognise your own strength and courage.  It is uncomfortable for you to accept your own power, but you must if you are to achieve the potential our partnership offers.

Do not lose your compassion, it an essential part of your soul’s essence and your gifts depend upon its integrity.

Mitakuye Oyasin – We Are All Related


Freespirit x

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Card of the Day: 41

Transition: Major Arcana

The Sirian Starseed Tarot by Patricia Cori

Its hard to imagine a more fitting card of the day for November 1st, than Transition.

In Mexico, today is Día de los Muertos or the Day of the Dead, a day of celebration, feasting and prayer for friends and family who have passed over.  Here, we might call it All Saints Day or All Soul’s Day; in my pagan way we know it as the second day of Samhain, or the first day of the Celtic new year.

Samhain, the most important date on the pagan calendar, has at its heart the cycle of life, death and rebirth.  We think of the death of the god, who sacrifices himself at the end of the year, to be reborn again with the first light of Yule.

We celebrate the sacrifice and the beginning of the new journey, for the soul surely goes on to walk a new path and death is truly a transition to a new journey.

Transition, bearing the number 13, of course relates to Death.  But the card of death is so often misunderstood, or deliberately misconstrued by the media, that all too often its ancient wisdom is fearfully ignored, its lesson lost.

This card so beautifully and sensitively portrays the moment of joyful liberation, as the soul is welcomed back into Spirit, ready to begin a new journey upon the path of many paths.

Transition is an ending, certainly, and we must all endure many endings in this physical life.

But endings make way for beginnings; decay brings about new fertility and growth.

Let us move forward onto each new path with hope, for who knows what untold joy and treasures we may discover?

Mitakuye Oyasin – We Are All Related

Freespirit x

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