Welcome to my Sacred Place

Welcome to my sacred space.  I trust you will find it a place of gentle energies, a place of love.

Healing has been part of my life for a very long time and in many ways it is my life.  I love Reiki and learning how to use its energy has been a great gift which I use daily – sometimes it just pours from me of its own accord, sometimes I have to make a more conscious effort.  I think we all have access to this energy – think of a mother’s touch and you will know just what I mean.

I love my family and friends.  They are my treasure – perhaps that is why I can never seem to hold onto wealth of any other kind, because I only really place a true value on love, for me there is no greater treasure.

Tarot is my passion, I love the feel and the look and even the smell of the cards – they help me to connect to something greater than myself.  Sometimes I almost feel the pulse of the universe or sense the whisper of voices much wiser than my own.  Of course, I do have a serious compulsion to buy more decks than I can possibly study, or even afford!

I believe in sharing and responsibility.  I think we should be kind to the other inhabitants of this beautiful planet and treat them with respect.  I don’t think animals are here purely for our convenience and our supposed intelligence doesn’t necessarily mean we are superior or have a greater right to exist.

What are my beliefs? They are mine – eclectic, sometimes unformed, based on compassion and love.  I may talk about them sometimes – this is my sacred space after all – but I don’t expect you to share them.  Let us treat each other with tolerance and respect, for surely we all have the right to believe what we will, if we do so in love.

I believe we are all connected by a universal stream of consciousness.  I call this consciousness the Goddess and the God.  Different spiritualities have many names for this consciousness, but I believe it is all the same source.

Here is a story I read a long time ago:

I had a vision that I was walking down a winding path.  It started getting dark and I felt scared, when I noticed a light ahead.  I started running towards it, but it always seemed just out of my reach.  Becoming tired, I lay down, fell asleep and dreamed.

In my vision dreams, I opened my eyes and saw a path to a great circle of light.  I walked towards it, no longer afraid of the darkness.

Once there within the light I looked around and I could see that many paths ended at this circle, besides the one I just had just used.

Standing in the light, I noticed that above each path was a sign.

I was curious and decided to see what the signs said, but from inside the light where I stood, all the signs were blank, so I had go back out of the light to read them.
The sign for the path I had been on said, “Welcome Home, You Have Found ME “, which I had not noticed going in.

I decided to walk around the circle of light, to read some others.

Some were in languages I did not understand, but others I could read.  Here are some of the signs I read:

” Welcome back, You have found the SOURCE.”
” Welcome My child you have found GOD.”
” Welcome traveller, you have found the GREAT SPIRIT.”
” Blessed be, you have found the GODDESS “

There were many many names used, more than I could easily count, but I realized, all the signs really said the same thing:

” Welcome Home, you have found ME.”

Blessings on the unknown hand who wrote this.

Walk in Beauty – Freespirit x


4 thoughts on “Welcome to my Sacred Place

  1. ~Love your writings Freespirit… so in synch with how I feel… only then to realise your birthday is a few days before mine and Florabee’s! and the same as my bf and two days after my daughter…Think there’s a certain healing, loving, free (and maybe somewhat eccentric) vibe that flows through us February gals… wishing you and your family love and light,

    Luna 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to post and for your lovely comments. I love to write and I do think perhaps it has a healing energy, or at least that people might find inspiration and hope within my pages.

    I can definitely relate to all that you say about February gals, particularly the eccentricities! My kids call me weird Mama, but I like to think they do it with love. 😮 😀

    Brightest Blessings and love to you and yours – FS x

  3. Hi Lynn, I’m very happy that you enjoyed the reading. Of course, I would be delighted for you to share it on your blog – please let me know if you need anything. It is a very inspiring deck and I hope that others will find my words helpful. Brightest Blessings – FS x

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