Welcome to my circle, I hope you will stay a while

I’m a wife, mother and grandmother.  I have lots of interests which include anything crafty really, baking and writing poetry to name a few.

I’ve had an eclectic career: I have run my own businesses, been a co-owner in several catering establishments and run an IT training company with my husband.  I’ve been an office manager.  I worked in Further Education as a lecturer in IT, running a training office where I taught young adults and adult returners to education.  I was a school librarian.  Yes, eclectic would have to describe my career choices and my lifestyle really.  That’s why I call myself Freespirit.  I don’t always take the direct route, or do things the  right way, but its always my own way.

I followed my husband into retirement as we decided right at the start that we would ‘retire’ together, despite a little gap in our ages.  It always seemed right that we would work together and play together – that is how its always been for us.  Although times have sometimes been tough – did you know they stop paying you when you retire? – it has given us a wonderful opportunity to spend time together now that the children are all grown.  It has given me time to develop my own interests and to be creative in a way that gives me great pleasure.

I have always been ‘artistic’ in an unformed way.  I would always be drawing but somehow, no matter what medium I experimented with, nothing really inspired me to go further.  My mother, on the other hand, always said she didn’t have an artistic bone in her body.  But she was very crafty and one day, a friend introduced her to rubber stamping.  She was instantly hooked and as soon as I saw what she was doing, so was I.  I guess that was my big introduction to crafting and since then, I’ve never looked back.  I’ve made all our family cards for years now and whilst I love doing this, I was always aware that for most people a card is a throw away product.  Apart from my mother, of course.  After she passed on, I found that she had kept every one of the hand made cards I had given her.  It was a tearful moment, but it made me feel she was right there with me, so it was a good thing.

About 10 years ago, I kind of stumbled into Scrapbooking.  I don’t really know how it happened, but once I found it I became totally obsessed.  I started to unearth the generations of family photos that had slumbered in boxes in the loft, and began to create my own memory albums.  This is an ongoing project, because naturally, I continue to take new photos whenever there is an opportunity – and there are many – and the new photos of my grandchildren clamour for my attention.  These little ones grow so quickly and when my kids were growing up, I hadn’t the time to indulge myself, so I want to enjoy every moment I spend with them and make sure I have lasting memories in my albums.  But every so often, I go through a batch of old photos and do a layout or two with those.  I especially love those vintage photos, with their soft muted shades and the enigmatic expressions on the faces.

Some years ago my husband introduced me to digital scrapping, which added a new dimension to my passion.  As I am a bit of an IT freak, it wasn’t long before  I discovered that I could use my own designs to create digital papers, frames and other embellishments for my scrapbooks. Better still, I could use my designs in digital form and as print-outs.  I love designing my kits.  As soon as I finish one collection, new ideas and characters start bouncing around in my mind and I begin to translate them into new designs.

I suppose this website and my blog pages is about my personal journeys of discovery.  You may have noticed my poetry pages.  After my mother passed, I found I needed to write incessantly.  I would have words floating around in my mind in the small wee hours and would constantly have a notepad to hand to write down those ideas.  I wrote countless poems in the course of a few years.  Perhaps it was cathartic for me, a way I could express the feelings I was struggling to express in my personal life.  Perhaps the muse was my late mother, seeking me out from another plane.  Sadly I seem to have lost the talent, if it ever was, to write and now I rarely find I have words demanding to be written down as poetry.  I confess I miss them.  I like to imagine my muse is on extended leave right now and perhaps she will return some day with words to inspire the song in my heart.  Or perhaps now I write my songs with pixels instead of words, the inspiration coming from the same wellspring.   Who knows?

I have a section on this website called Sacred Space.  It is a place of communion, of contemplation, where I will share with you my thoughts, prayers for healing and the wisdom of others.  I do not pretend to have any great wisdom myself, but if anything profound should come to mind, I promise to share it.   I don’t adhere to religious dogma, though I have deep respect and reverence for all religions and their true followers.  Personally, I follow an eclectic spiritual path, for in spirit above all things I follow my own way.  If you stop by my Sacred Space, know that it is a place of love and peace, and all who enter in this spirit are welcome.

Walk in Beauty – Freespirit xx



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