Card of the Day: 49, King Pentacles, Crystal Visions

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My card of the day is drawn from one of my own treasured decks; my interpretation is drawn from my intuition and from my many years of experience as a professional tarot reader.  Each time I read in this way, I add to my own experience of the arcana, the journey is evolutionary.  Perhaps my reflections will add something to your own understanding.

King of Pentacles: Crystal Visions Tarot by Jennifer Galasso

King Pentacles sits, majestic and completely at ease in his world of green

His oneness with nature is reflected in his clothing, also green.  His throne is part of an ancient tree – he seems almost part of it – perhaps he is part tree, part man.

Around him stand beautiful crystals, still in the earth from which they have grown.  The king of earthly abundance takes only from the earth that which he needs, he is not wasteful although his world overflows with bounty.

He wears a simple crown of antlers and greenery, his royal sceptre a glowing crystal point atop a simple wooden staff.

He is the High King of the Minor Arcana; he represents both prosperity and wisdom.  He has worked through the challenges of youth, the fire of his passions, his heartbreaks and rejoicings and now he comes to the winter of his life, serene, aware, comfortable in his own skin, one with his earthly relations.

In our earthly race towards achievement, we tend to measure success in terms of financial wealth.  We are taught that Pentacles represent money, and indeed they may – at times – do just that.

But they are more than that, for there are many ways to be prosperous and sometimes the simple things are – truly – the most important.

In what way can you appreciate the abundance in your life today?

For surely, if we are healthy, loved and have a place of rest and warmth, then we are rich indeed.

Mitakuye Oyasin – We Are All Related

Freespirit x



Footprints in the Earth

Merry Meet

We are told to walk lightly on the earth, to leave as little of ourselves behind as possible.  I understand what this means; I try to live lightly on this beautiful planet of ours and I weep for the way we have ravaged Her and treated Her creatures.

But as human beings – or souls incarnate – surely our job, while on this earth walk, is to evolve, to create and to share our creations?

I believe we come here to learn – as someone once said, we are a curious race.  As individuals, we have diverse gifts.

Instead of trying to meet the futile demand to leave nothing of ourselves behind, for nature will do that for each and every one of us in Her own time, perhaps we should think of how our footprints can make a difference.

Crystal Visions 8 PentaclesSo my question is this: what footprints are you going to leave in 2013?

Mitakuye Oyasin – We Are All Related

Freespirit x


Welcome to my new home!

Merry Meet

You have found me in my new home, welcome.

Hopefully we have ironed out the posting to my facebook and twitter accounts so that those of you who follow me there won’t be missing out on important updates.

Please enjoy this beautiful image from the Wildwood Tarot by Mark Ryan and John Matthews (illustrated by Will Worthington)

Brightest Blessings – FS xx


Sirian Starseed Tarot

Hi my lovely people

Its a rainy day here in Wellingborough and looking to be set in for the day. There is still some colour in the garden, although the trees are losing their leaves and preparing for their rest.

The miniature pear tree, which we transplanted this summer from the confines of its pot, is looking very autumnal in her red and golden robes.  I think she enjoys stretching her toes in the rich soil and did not enjoy the limitations of the patio planter.

I have been asked to write a review of the very beautiful Sirian Starseed Tarot.  I am terribly excited about using this deck, as the artwork looks absolutely stunning.


For now, I must finish my coffee as I am off to work in a short while.


Brightest Blessings – FS xx

Tarot Talk: 6

Merry Meet!

Today I am sending out gratitude to the universe.

I am grateful for my beautiful family, every one of them is a precious gift and they have taught me so much about love and life.

I am grateful for my health, and for the health of those I love, my family and my friends.

I am grateful for being able to live in safety and with enough to sustain us.  Although we don’t have a lot left over and occasionally run out of money before month, we are so rich by the standards of so many.

I am so grateful to all those people I have met and will continue to meet on my life’s journey.  We are all teachers to each other and each of us carries a unique lesson to share, so let us be grateful to our teachers.

And I am so grateful that I get to do what I love to do, I get to talk to people about the Tarot.  The Tarot is my passion as well as my gift, and that I get to spend my days developing my relationship with the arcana, so that I can teach, talk and generally share my passion with you – well, that is a real gift.

So today I am grateful. Be blessed and enjoy your blessings with gratitude.

Mitakuye Oyasin – We Are All Related

Brightest Blessings – FS

Tarot Talk: 5

Merry Meet!

“I spent three days a week for 10 years educating myself in the public library, and it’s better than college. People should educate themselves – you can get a complete education for no money. At the end of 10 years, I had read every book in the library and I’d written a thousand stories.”   Ray Bradbury August 22, 1920 – June 5, 2012

I grew up on Ray Bradbury. I borrowed all his novels from my school library (a wonderful place of which I still hold fond memories) and then re-read them as my own children were growing up.

I think he was something of a visionary, bringing science fiction and fantasy out of sterile laboritories and gothic landscapes into the suburban landscape of middle America.

The Orwellian nightmare of Fahrenheit 451 was truly disturbing, and in this world of iPads and Kindles, I still cannot contemplate the idea of a child growing up in a home devoid of bookshelves.

But it was his imagery which truly inspired me; the living landscape of the Illustrated Man – the golden skinned beauties of the Martian Chronicles – the malevolent horror of Something Wicked This Way Comes – fired my imagination and lit a spark within me for both the unimaginable and the absurd.

I know I should credit Ray Douglas Bradbury as one of the great teachers of my life’s journey.  Perhaps it was inevitable that I should follow this road of imagination into the dreaming world of the Tarot, where all things and all realities are possible, if only we permit ourselves to believe.

Mitakuye Oyasin – We Are All Related

Brightest Blessings – Freespirit x

Tarot Talk: 4

Merry Meet!

I was looking at my Druidcraft cards earlier and felt again a deep and abiding connection with them, which goes beyond a simple relationship between reader and deck.

I have sometimes remarked to my students that the cards have no intrinsic powers of their own, but today I wonder if that is a rather simplistic view.

If I believe that all things have spirit and as such a divine purpose, surely this includes my deck?

If I believe also that an object may be empowered by intention for a specific purpose beyond its primary function, then that would mean my deck could be programmed as an instrument of healing, since that has always been my intent for its use.

Of course, I  honour all my decks and treat them with respect, whether they are the ones that I call upon frequently, or those I use only for teaching.  But its true to say that there are some which mean much more to me; they are trusted friends and allies.  Though logic may suggest they are simple items constructed from card and ink, I know that they have become more, they have grown and I believe they have a spirit of their own.

Mitakuye Oyasin – We Are All Related

Brightest Blessings – FS