Scrapchat 7

Spring Blessings

Spring is just around the corner.  I feel it, even though the weather is still cold I can see signs of life all around, bursting out of the ground.  The birds are flirty, chasing each other around the garden, and we see them busily carrying great piles of twigs and leaves to make their nests.  Spring is definitely in the air.

I love spring and I look forward to celebrating the spring equinox, I’ve written a little about the customs of Oestara here.  Many people in this country will be looking forward to celebrating Easter and my family always looks forward to the egg hunts that I plan for my grandchildren.  Hunting for eggs is a tradition which spans culture and spiritual belief as the egg is a well known symbol of the renewal that welcomes spring.

I am planning to make some pretty baskets for my grandchildren to use to collect their eggs in.  I shall use my new Spring Blessings background papers and embellishments for this project and when they are ready I shall post some photographs here.

Meanwhile, I have made a spring greeting card which could be used for any of the spring celebrations.

I made my card using an A5 sheet of white cardstock.   I printed page 1 first and then fed it back into the printer to print the inside pages.  Then I  folded it carefully and scored it with a ruler.  I usually ink the edges of my cards, it gives them a nice little finish.

I used two papers from the kit, one for a background for the front page and one in a shape to make the journal spot for the Spring Blessings word art, from the embellishment pack.  The embies are also from the embellishment kit and I have repeated the daffodil inside.

Scrapchat 6

Yesterday’s freebie was a quick page (QP) using the theme Cool Yule.

Never be afraid to adapt a QP or use it in ways unintended by the designer.  QPs are just starting points for your own creativity.

I didn’t have any landscape photos I wanted to use in this page.  What I did want to use was an old, square photo from back when I was a little girl. Using just a small part of the photo would have spoiled the effect.  After all, I was so proud of those suede boots and had ventured out into the snow just to have them photographed!

I rather enjoy using things in unexpected ways.  I think you’ll agree that putting the photograph behind two landscape apertures makes a nice window effect and it was so easy to do!

Just slide the photo behind two apertures and position it to its best effect, depending on the composition of the picture.  Then simply crop the photo to remove the excess.

By placing a drop shadow on the QP, I achieved a convincing 3D effect.  Notice I have deliberately kept the French window in the shot, although I could have moved it out of view.  It puts the photo into context and nicely affirms the illusion of the subject waving through a window.

I used the top apperture for some journaling to ‘tell the story’, which I placed on the paper from Freebie#5.  The page doesn’t need anything else, but I trimmed the tree with the bow from that kit, to repeat the bow on the tree.  I date stamped the page as I always assume that future generations will be interested in when a photo was taken and how old the subject was at the time.

Many blessings – Freespirit x

Scrapchat 5

Wow, I don’t know about you guys, but my weekend went so fast, it practically flew by!

I finally have my new packs of digital designs on my Etsy shop

Fall Into Autumn Digital Embellishment Pack

Fall Into Autumn Digital Paper Pack

and here are some pics so you can take a peek.

The kits are autumn themed and part of a range called Fall Into Autumn.  You’ll find russets, reds, orange, gold and green in the colour palette, all textured or designed to favour those beautiful autumn pictures.

Use these kits in your memory albums – digital or traditional, any paper crafting, making inchies and ATCs, home crafted greetings cards and invitations, making posters and wall art.

In fact, if you can think it, try it!  In digital design your imagination is really the limit, so go crazy and Fall Into Autum!  But don’t forget, my digital papers and embellishments are just as good printed out so you need never be short of paper and decorations again in your own designs.

Many Blessings – Freespirit xx

Scrapchat 4

Hope you all had a great weekend. I spent most of my weekend working on my new designer brads and eyelets to go with the Bewitched paper and embie kits. But more about that later.

Today I have something different for you. Have you ever had Scrapbooker’s Block? It’s a well known phenomenon and one you will be familiar with if you’re a dedicated scrapper. Surrounded by photos begging to be scrapped and not an idea in your head about where to start – you know the scenario.

Quite recently I was introduced to the concept of scrapbook sketches – thanks Fiona at SBM – so I thought I would share the idea with you all. Its not rocket science, anyone can draw a sketch really, but sometimes you need someone else to give you the idea.

Unlike a template or a quick page, you just use the general layout to give you an idea how you could place photos, embellishments and journalling on your page. You look at the sketch and use it to formulate your own design. You might turn the design upside down, or mirror it. You might put circles where there are rectangles. You might stick some swirly embellishments on or put borders where there are none; its just a springboard for your own imagination.

The sketch I’ve done to start you off is very plain and quite simple.

The fun is to see how you can make it look with your own photos and journalling.

Now this week, because I’m feeling generous, I’m giving you some freebies to go with the layout, but normally you will just use whatever paper and embies you have. Unless I decide to treat you again. 😉

In your mini I’m giving you two papers, two brads, an eyelet, an overlay and a journal spot.  See what you can do!  I’ll post my own example later on.

Click image to download

I mentioned my new designs, they’re in my Etsy shop now – two sets of embellishments to complement the Bewitched range, one set is eyelets and the other is brads. With a digital eyelet or brad, you get to do whatever you would do with the physical ones – except you can use it as many times as you like in whatever size you want.

The eyelets will go large enough to highlight parts of your photos like frames. See them here: Designer Eyelets

The brads also will go up to a reasonable size if you want to use them for journalling spots, see them here: Designer Brads

Have fun with the freebie, you will find it in the Freebie section, as usual.

Scrapchat 3

I’m so excited, I just finished my latest kit, Bewitched, all ready for Halloween!

I just love Halloween, its a very special time for me, but for many folk it is simply a fun time to share with the children.  And as long as we make sure the littlies are safe on their Trick or Treating (accompanied by an adult of course) and that they respect peoples’ wishes and only go to houses where they are joining in the fun (its usually easy to tell by the decorations who is playing and who isn’t) then its a lovely fun evening for kids, young and not so young!

Well, I just had a blast making this kit.  In the embellishments kit, I went mad with owls and bats, gremlins and cats, pumpkins, a spooky graveyard silhouette and a rather neat witch!  There is a matching paper kit, with some spooky backgrounds and some that coordinate.

I reckon you can have some real fun making all sorts of Halloween stuff from the papers and embellishments in Bewitched.  Party invitations, menu sheets, posters for the doors and windows.  You could print off some black cats, cut them out and hang them up as decorations.  Most of all, you can do some pretty neat layouts for your albums.

Did you check out the link to Scrapbook Max?  Seriously, its my favourite program.  I have loads of photos on my pc – don’t we all, now that we have digital cameras?  Until I got into digital scrapbooking I had no idea what to do with them really.  Now, I can quickly and easily create a page.  Once you have made a page, you can do what you want with it: share it on facebook; load it onto your phone or ipod; you can post it on your favourite boards to share with the forum community; attach to an email.  You can also print them out to give them as presents or simply to make your own keepsakes.  Check it out on my link – there’s a free trial.

I made a page using the new kit to show you what you might do with it.  I’ve used the tombstone shape as a photo mask of my scary little coven.  Well they’re just too darn cute to be scary, aren’t they?  I was totally bewitched by both of them.  We did have fun and I’m so looking forward to doing it all again this year.

Bewitched 2009

I think I may post some ideas on here about thing you can do with your scrapbooking.  I make all my own cards and its so easy to do, and such fun.  So keep on checking here for scrapbooking ideas and more freebies.

Brightest Blessings

Walk in Beauty – Freespirit

Scrapchat 2

Wow, what happened to September?  Here we are in October and Halloween is looming large on the horizon!  The mall is full of cutsie little outfits for fluffy pumpkins and scary monsters.  Don’t you just love it?

Anyway, I have been working very hard and my new kit for  the season will be in the shop by the end of the week.  As promised, there are some freebies all ready for you to grab.  I hope you like the Quick Page.  For those dedicated scrappers, you’ll recognise the term Quick Page.  For newbies to digital scrapping, it couldn’t be easier.  Just load your QP into your program of choice, pop a photo onto the page so it is roughly in the place where the tombstone shape has been cut out.  Then simply send your photo to the back and hey presto, a suitable picture of Halloween monsters, ghouls or other such scary folk will be nicely framed on your page.  Save and publish or print, if you wish.  Or if you want to personalise it more, then you can pop on some embies, journalling or a page heading first.

Now don’t forget,  my standard is 8″ x 8″, 300 dpi saved as .jpgs for papers and quick pages.  This is an ideal size for printing on your home computer and will produce excellent results.  My embellishments are always produced as .pngs to preserve transparency, and I usually make them large, so you can use them with confidence on your pages.

I’ve done a couple of FREEBIE shapes for you to use on your Halloween layouts too and these will be here later today, so don’t forget to check back.  My friends who use Scrapbook Max (THE BEST scrapbook program there is) will understand what shapes are and no doubt will grab these freebies quick sharp.  But for anyone new to the term, these are just transparent .png files, made in black, which you can use as you wish on your LOs (layouts).  Put the .png on your digital page and fill it with whatever colour or texture you wish.  Or you can just use them as they are, to create a little drama on your monster halloween LO.

Well, I must get that kit finished now but I’ll be back with more Scrapchat soon.

Many and many blessings to you

Walk in Beauty – Freespirit


September is nearly out and I have just launched my little Etsy shop, Freespirit Digital Art.  I am tremendously excited as I have been working very hard on my designs to reach this point.  At the moment, my shop is just a tiny sapling, but you know what they say about little acorns to mighty oaks.

I have put a couple of Quick Pages (QP) here in the circle, which I hope you will find a use for in your scrapping.  You should find them very easy to download – just click on the image to open then right-click and select “Save Image”  to save to your PC.  You can just pop a photo in behind the image and away you go.  The first QP is from my Spring Blessings Kit.  I know Spring is a long time behind us (or ahead of us? ) but I’m very behind on my scrapping, and I still have to scrap those egg hunt pictures!  The other is from the bright and fun Love Me kit, bright cheerful colours to scrap your summer photos before we all move into autumn.

So what’s been happening around my campfire to scrap?  Well my grandchildren have all returned to school, so there are some very nice photos of my grandies looking wonderful in their new uniforms.  I’m still pondering how to scrap those pics, as grandchildren always need something very special to show them off.   And just this last weekend, my son ran in the Windsor Half Marathon.  Apart from some fair degree of family pride he also managed to raise over £500 for Scotties Little Soldiers.  So I guess there will be some pics and journaling to do with that.

Before the month is out, I am determined to finish my latest kit Bewitched!  No prizes for what festival that is all about!  I expect I may offer a little taster of it here by way of a freebie.

Well that’s about it for now, I must be back to the drawing board if I’m to finish my new kit before Halloween.  Many blessings and happy scrapping.

Walk in Beauty – Freespirit x