Why Meditate

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Why Meditate?

Everything on this page is an opinion, presented in the spirit that it might be helpful to the reader who is unfamiliar with meditation.

In life we are often faced with unwanted circumstances — an insult, an injury, bad luck, death of a loved one and so on. Once it happens, though, nothing can be done about it; yet we continue to roll in varying degrees, with the emotions of the past. The same imbalance occurs with positive circumstances and projections into the future.

Meditation is about staying real. And there is only one reality — whatever is happening in the present moment. When we let go of the past and the future, there is a deep sense of joy as if you just relaxed for the first time and ironed out the crinkles on your forehead.

What is meditation?

In a broad, rational sense, meditation is about living in the present moment. But perhaps it’s exact meaning is to be experienced by each individual. Ramakrishna once said, “As many minds, so many paths.” Just in the way that two people can watch the same movie and get two entirely different things out of it, meditation also yields different experiences.

What to “do”?

Consider a shaken-up, muddy glass of water. It is hard to look past it but if you let it sit still for a while, the mud goes to the bottom and the water is clear on the top. Similarly, in meditation we sit still to see what is going on underneath the surface.

Some people simply watch the breath, as it is; if thoughts come up, acknowledge them like a guard outside a castle but don’t participate in them. A zen master once said, “In meditation, leave your front and back door open. Let your thoughts come and go; just don’t serve them tea.” Impressions of the past, which surface as thoughts, often cloud our experience of the present moment but by simply observing, we lighten the load of past and future that we are unncessarily carrying.

Passage on meditation courtesy of CharityFocus.org

Magician Meditation

You are the Magician; feel the power surge through you.

Used by permission of Robin Wood

You stand in a room lit brightly by sunlight.  Two candles burn, a black one and a white one.  Consider their harmony; they represent male and female – the balance of the universal force.  You seek this balance within yourself.  Think of a set of scales – try to balance the scales in your mind.  Keep them balanced as you journey on.

Over your hand floats the symbol of eternity.  This represents the universal life force.  It flows around you and within you.  Your power is part of this force.  Know that it has no beginning and no end.  Like the flowing lemniscate it flows forever.  See the force within it and know that it is within you.

Upon your table are the tools of your power.  They represent the four elements: air, fire, water and earth.  Do not dwell upon the nature of these forces right now; simply know that they exist and you may wield them as you will.  These are the tools of your power; you are able to use them at will to create your desire.  Remember the balance; harmony is a delicate thing so remember that when you take you must also give back.  Keep balancing the scales as you move on your journey.

You wear horns upon your head.  This reminds you of Cernunnos: the male deity, part of the universal balance of yin and yang.  He reminds you of the nature of deity – like the cosmic force, it is both within you and without you.  You are part of the God and he is part of you.  You are a powerful being, but you also have a responsibility to use your power wisely, both for your own good and the good of the Earth.   The horns also remind you that you are part of the animal kingdom.  This reminds you that we are all related; we are all part of the sacred hoop of life, brothers and sisters on Mother Earth.  It reminds you to Walk in Beauty and Harmony with all life.   If you see a particular creature at this point on your journey, welcome him into your heart, he has some wisdom to share with you.  He will walk with you even after you finish this guided journey.

Look at the light that shines from the candles.  Focus on the light; feel it suffusing your body with warmth.  Feel the light flow through every part of your body.  This is the light of the God and the Goddess. Know that it protects and sustains you.  Feel it as a sphere around you which is always there.  Whenever you feel the need of it, remind yourself of your sphere of light.

Allow the flowing lemniscate grow.  As it grows, it becomes translucent, fading from your vision.  It becomes so great that it is embraces everything.  Understand that you can reconnect with this force any at any time.

When you feel ready, begin the journey back to normal time and space.  Give your thanks to the elements and allow the tools before you to disappear.  Give your thanks to any animal helpers that you met on this journey.  Be at peace with yourself.

Allow your eyes to return to their normal vision.  Sit quietly for a few moments while you bring yourself back into your normal physical being.

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