Card of the Day: 6 Cups

My card of the day is drawn from one of my own cherished decks; my interpretation comes from my intuition and my experiences as a professional tarot reader.

When I read, I add to my experience of the Tarot so the journey unfolds, an evolutionary process. Perhaps my reflections will add something to your own understanding of this mystical and ancient craft. Brightest Blessings

6 Cups, Robin Wood Tarot

6 Cups,
Robin Wood Tarot

6 Cups, Robin Wood Tarot

This card really wants to make itself heard, I’ve seen it several times over the last week.

I never disregard such repetitions, there is always some extra insight besides what is immediately apparent.

This is such a beautiful, feel-good card.  Some readers tend to regard it with suspicion, perhaps feeling that its about dwelling in the past and being overly sentimental.  That may be so, in some instances.  But its always dependant upon the nature of the spread and the card’s position within it.

When I read a card for the day, I tend to ask a little question as I shuffle, then stop and draw a card when I feel that little ‘tug’.

Today, I simply asked:

Please give me a card of positive inspiration.  And I drew this lovely card, such an open expression of all that is wonderful about childhood.

I enjoy watching children play, do you?  I was with my grandchildren the other morning.  We were in the park.  The youngest one was running about, enchanted by a little girl who in turn, was entranced by Gracie’s puppy!  They played – shouting, laughing, running, with such freedom and lack of inhibition, that I, in turn, was entranced by their beautiful and golden natures.


Its the little things in life that bring the most smiles.

It is the gift of friendship.

What is truly of value in your life, right now?

You see, the beauty of childhood is its innocence, its acceptance and its tolerance.  It rejoices in diversity.  It celebrates the strange, the unusual, the difference of something or someone new.

And I realise, perhaps for the very first time, that this card has nothing very much to do with living in the past.  No.  Its about living as a child does.  With open-hearted joy and the ability to perceive that which is wonderful.

It does not live in the past: it celebrates the Precious Present.

Mitakuye Oyasin – We Are All Related

Freespirit x



Blessed Imbolc

Merry Meet

The MaidenHere in the western hemisphere, Wiccans and Pagans of all paths will celebrate the turning of the year this weekend.  As the Crone becomes the Maiden once again, we welcome the coming of spring and all its promise.

We celebrate Imbolc as a time of birth and rebirth, as do our Christian friends who  celebrate Candlemas.

Whatever our spiritual paths, surely we can all feel the changing of the season – an underlying energy, an undenial hum of anticipation from the very earth Herself, as Her first shoots appear with the warming of the sun.

The first snowdrops show their faces to the world, along with crocuses and soon daffodils will follow.

The birds are flirting and all around we hear the chatter and chitter of the preparations for life.

In fact, Imbolc can be taken to mean ‘In the belly’, a literal reference to the ewes who already carry the lambs they will birth in the spring.

In the wider sense everything is pregnant with possibility in the spring – the Earth and all Her children, you and me included.  For we have nurtured our dreams and imaginings through the darkest days and nights of winter and now, as surely as spring comes we can bring those dreams forth.

What dreams will you bring into reality? What secret imaginings, what lost loves rekindled, what flights of fancy will you birth?

Think about it my friends, for there is magic in the air!

Mitakuye Oyasin – We Are All Related

Freespirit x


The Precious Present

Finally I came to know
The present is a gift to treasure
In this life, so brief and hurried
A precious thing you cannot measure.
Yet plodding on our weary ways
We plot and scheme and plan our days
Demented things, our lives ablaze –
We seek our mortal pleasure.

And scurrying through our early years
In thoughtless ways we forge the chain;
Create the lie, acquire the wealth,
The dream becomes a lethal bane.
But as our summers turn to fall
And shadows grow increasing’ tall
Our passions less, no more in thrall,
We seek to loose the skein

How quickly did we spend our youth –
Rushing from cradle to the grave;
The more we have, the more we want,
The glittering trophies that we crave.
But should we pause to see our prize
We’d view our hoard through other eyes
See what is truth and what is lies –
Materialism’s slave!

The road ahead grows shorter now
But I am gently cast adrift;
I smell the rose’s sweet perfume
While sands of time flow ever swift.
A time will come, a time will go,
But I shall let my heartbeat slow,
Enjoy the natural ebb and flow:
The present’s precious gift.

Freespirit © 2004


The carousel horse gazed at me with sadly vacant eye
And whispered softly in my mind; I wish that I could fly
Instead of going round and round and round …
And then the rocking horse spoke up, I wish that I were you;
You’re blessed in that you get to see an ever changing view
I’d rather that than bouncing up and down …
But the marionette murmured sadly, I wish I had your springs;
I only get to dance around when someone pulls my strings –
What point is there in being someone’s clown?

Then from a tiny gilded cage I heard the sweetest song
The golden notes sang clear to me; I think they have it wrong –
Things are not always as they seem to be;
I saw the wings so cruelly clipped, the tiny flightless bird,
Who gladly sang within her cage and uttered not a word
Of what she’d lost and things she’d never see.
She sang a song of love and joy for everyone to hear
And people came from far and wide.   I brushed away a tear,
For still I saw a bird who was not free.

But later on I reached a point I thought I understood;
From every situation you can find something of good
If something good is what you think you’ll find;
But if you always think that someone else has so much more –
Your expectations will be met – you always will be poor:
Our limitations forge the chains that bind.
So many things we cannot change except our point of view:
Perhaps in hope the captive finds a liberty that’s true –
And freedom may be just a state of mind.

Freespirit © 2004