Waxing Lyrical: the Reflections of a Fool

Innocence or Faith?

Innocence or Faith?

I read something in the paper this morning that made me angry.  

Stronger doses of statins may increase the risk of kidney damage by a THIRD

Someone I know, with seemingly super health and lifestyle, recently ‘failed’ her cholesterol test.  The doctor immediately advised statins.  She protested and said she would do it by eating better.  She is, she reasoned, in charge of her own body.  What it needs, she provides and she felt sure she could do this.

The doctor was dubious.  Let’s give it 3 months: you do your best but I’m pretty sure you won’t change this with diet alone.  But she was determined.  She did some research, cut down on the high fat, salt laden foods and  refined carbs and reduced her coffee intake dramatically.  Three months down the line and she has reduced her cholesterol level so much that she is not only back in ‘healthy’ but at the best level for health.  She was prepared to take responsibility for her own health and she is now reaping the benefit, by feeling fitter, happier and healthier than she has for years.

Apparently the PTB would like to put all of us on statins once we reach 50.  Not this girl.  I’m 60 and fully prepared to take responsibility for my own health.  I have a brain and I’m not afraid to use it.  If I put on weight, I know its because of what I put in my mouth.  If I’m unfortunate enough to get a cold, I will try my best to look after myself.  When I needed a major op, I made sure I was at my fittest to give myself the best possible recovery time.  If I need medical attention, I’ll get it, but I’m not prepared to believe I need a built in catch all net provided by the government, just in case.

In our society, we have  people starving themselves so they can achieve the unsustainable perfection that Haute Couture has led us to believe is the norm, a trend perpetuated by Hollywood.  We have other people killing themselves by their junk food lifestyles.  High street fashion tries to accommodate our growing girths and our vanity, by making our clothing sizes bigger.  I know this because I am hoarder: I have clothes in my wardrobe from my the 70s and can still wear the fitted evening dresses I wore when I was 20 something.  My size then was a 12 – 14.  My size now is an eight.  You work it out.

There are children walking around who are growing up to face a world of pain as adults with obesity, because their carers, though possibly well meaning, are allowing them to graze on food which far exceeds their calorific needs, while not meeting their nutritional requirements for growth and vitality.

We are a nation of couch potatoes who live within reach of our cell phones and TV controls, so that if we wish, we can spend our lives moving bewteen one sit to another.  To sustain us through our nightly vigils in front of our TVs, we require sustenance, in the form of crisps, chocolate and other fat laden morsels.  To ensure our supplies do not dwindle, we can hop into our cars and drive to our supermarkets to top up our bulging pantry shelves.

Am I the only person who thinks this is insane?

Let us consider again our Fool.  He begins life with little but his wits to sustain him.  Like us, he must learn to take care of himself – he must, of course, be wary about stepping off the face of a cliff.  😀  He must learn to fend for himself.

Who teaches him to do this?  The Magician perhaps?

Card of the dayIf he relies upon the wiles of this master of disguise, with his sleight of hand and his manipulative ways, he will be like we are.  For we have put ourselves in the hands of those who are concerned with making profit.

We should perhaps balance our desire to follow the charismatic charm of the Magician with the wisdom of the High Priestess.

High Priestess, Druidcraft

She is not simply concerned about esoteric or spiritual worlds.  Think about her true meaning: she offers knowledge, but you must seek it out yourself.

Our senses are beset in our environment of overload; we constantly seek satiety in a world of excess.  The High Priestess does not advocate withdrawal from the world, as some might assume.  She simply asks that we listen and learn.  In the developed world, we have access to more information than has ever been available in the history of human kind.  Shouldn’t we begin to use that information to heal ourselves?

Freespirit x



Reflections on a rainy day

I awoke today to a grey sky and a thin drizzle of rain.  The thought of getting out of my warm cosy bed was less than appealing.  But the rain is a gift of the season.  It waters the thirsty earth, bringing life and vigour to the slumbering vegetation.  I too must use this day, as if it were my only day, and not squander its opportunities.  I have writing to do, work preparations and perhaps the greatest gift of this day, an opportunity for reflection.

So I shall leave you with these words, written so long ago by someone much wiser than I:
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