Rain dance

first there was sunshine
we all did our washing
it danced in the wind
as it hung on the line;

… then the rain poured down
it fell in great rivers
it gurgled in gutters
and all through the town

and the people all groaned
as they huddled in doorways
and opened umbrellas
oh my, how they moaned!

but I laughed at the rain
I splashed through the puddles
I danced through the torrents
a child again

I was drenched, I was soaked,
but I laughed with Lord Loki
I laughed with Coyote
at their wonderful joke!

Freespirit © 2004



The Downpour

The rain fell like darts on the roof of the byre
As torrents hurled down from the heavens with ire
In a deluge of wrath that seemed never to tire
‘Til the ground became swamped like some giant quagmire.

The rain clouds had hidden the sunlight away
The sky disappeared behind curtains of grey.
The rain kept on falling throughout the long day
Into muddy deposits that stank of decay.

But just as I thought life would ever be drear
The curtain drew back – and I saw, shining clear
A sparkling bow of each colour of cheer
As a beautiful rainbow began to appear –

Till it filled up the sky like a great shining band.
And I mused, in my mind, if the mighty god Pan
Who sensing my sadness, had lifted his hand
And called forth Apollo to lighten the land

Freespirit © 2004

Spring Awakening

Oh Spring, when will you raise your shining face
And waive away the darkness with a smile?
The wintry nights and mornings chill my soul
And trees with limbs unclothed do not beguile
My senses any more; their fallen robes
In sodden heaps the sleeping earth defiles.

As glowering from the heavens, leaden clouds
Their progeny release, to fall below
On shoppers, trudging home with laden bags,
Who run for shelter from the stinging blows
That fall, like poisoned darts to nip their skin
With drops of rain as cold as winter’s snow.

I search the cheerless landscape for a sign –
Of shining hyacinth or bright jonquil –
I long to smell the fragrant cherry blooms –
And dream of scented heather in the hills;
Ah where does sweet narcissus bow his head?
Oh where the dancing cloud of daffodils?

Oh let my skin be kissed with Lugh’s bright ray
And gentle breezes blowing from the West;
For winter tarries long within our Isles
And flirty birds grow eager for their nests.
Awake Demeter, wave your springtime wand
And raise your sleeping seedlings from their rest

And we, with gladdened hearts of joy will sing
And welcome the awakening of Spring!

Freespirit © 2006

Spring Comes Silently

Silent the fanfare of bright golden trumpets
Quiet the growth of new life in the trees;
Hushed are the stirrings of life all around us –
As softly comes Spring on the crest of a breeze.

Mutely the ground, yet lately still frozen,
Brings forth of herself her bounty to share
Noiselessly pushing bright heads ever upward
As tiny green life forms take in the fresh air.

As midnight will slowly give way to the morning
And silently stars fade away at the dawn;
So Winter retreats in the face of such glory
As softly and silently Springtime is born.

Freespirit © 2005