The Raven’s Call

The raven tapped on the window
And whispered: Come with me child,
Out in the darkness where magick lives
And let your spirit run wild!
I pulled the cover up tightly
But there was the tapping again:
And the raven called more urgently
Through the darkened pane
Tap-tap on the window pane.

I huddled there in the darkness
Reluctant to hear his call
But still I heard his ghostly voice
That held me in its thrall.
It weaved the darkest magicks
And spoke of things untold
Till I wanted to share his darkness
And my blood was running cold.

As in a dream I left the bed
And walked across the room;
I saw his darkened wings lift high
As he hovered in the gloom;
I threw the window wide and felt
The wind, an icy blast –
And in the darkness of the night
My spirit soared at last

The wonders of the universe
Were shown to me that night;
All mysteries were known by me
Through that enchanted flight!
I gazed upon the rainbow lights
Of Saturn’s cosmic ring;
I wept upon a crystal moon
And heard the angels sing.

And later when my heart grew still
I felt the cold of dawn –
How many eons had I flown
Before that fateful morn?
I looked upon my skin at last
Translucent, like the air,
My body like a wraith of night
I saw no substance there.

I could not say my heart felt fear
I felt no heart at all;
But on the wind I heard a sigh
A gentle earthly call;
Come home, my child, these mysteries
Come only at great cost
But a harsher voice replied, Too late:
She is already lost!

I flew right up to the window
But the pane was shuttered tight;
I called to myself through the darkened glass –
I’m back from my wondrous flight!
But the face that gazed back at me
Was not my face at all,
And it spoke to me in a ghostly voice
That held me in its thrall!

So I tap each night on the window
And whisper – let me come home;
Its cold out here in the darkness
Now that everything is known;
I look on the me who is not me –
And I call, and call again;
But my cries remain unanswered
Just the echo of a refrain;
Tap-tap on the window pane.

Freespirit © 2004



The angel spoke in the darkness
And said: I am your special guide
But my ears were only listening
To the other voices inside
And through the nightmare darkness
He waited until I slept
And by morning light the voices were still
As my angel silently wept

He returned next night by the moonlight
And spoke to me once more,
But still I would not hear him
As he waited by the door
He waited for me to call him
Into my aching heart
And though my heart was closed to him
Never did he depart

Each night throughout my sorrowing
A silent vigil he kept
And he held my hand in the darkness
Until at last I slept
He carried me when I felt my feet
Could no longer carry me
And he kept a watch when my eyes were closed
So tightly I would not see.

Until by and by I heard him speak
In a voice like falling snow
His silver wings were held aloft
All lit by a golden glow
And I knew he had been there all along
How he’d taken all my sorrow
And made it his own so I could heal
And face a new tomorrow

As I walk upon the Good Red Road
I know there will come a time
When sorrow will visit me again,
With reason not, nor rhyme;
Perhaps I shall stop remembering
As lost and alone I hide
But whenever I most have need of him
My angel is by my side.

Freespirit © 2006

The Unicorn

As I wandered lost and friendless, seeking out my lonely trail,
And my way seemed ever toilsome, and my body much too frail
To endure the growing hardships and the sorrows I had borne;
I stumbled on the presence of the fabled unicorn.

The moonlight played a spectral dance upon his glowing hide;
His eyes were amber pools of light; I wondered if I’d died
And found myself, unwittingly, in some Elysian glade.
But peace and love enshrouded me and I was unafraid.

I paused then on my journey drinking deeply of his essence
Knowing that everything of truth was held within his presence
And I wondered in that moment if he had been sent to guide
My faltering footsteps further on the path where I must bide.

“Will you stay awhile?” I asked him, staring at his wondrous horn
But he shook his head and sadly sighed; “It is for earthly born
To walk this path without my aid.”  He gazed at me in grief
“Please understand by cosmic law this meeting must be brief”.

But still I looked into his eyes, and seeing only wisdom there,
I tried once more: “O wisest one, have you no time to spare?
I have been labouring long and I am feeling lone and lost –
Are these burdens that I carry really worth the tears they’ve cost?”

He shook his head, still sadly, looking deep into my mind
And when he spoke his voice, though firm, was infinitely kind:
“I wish that I could answer every question in your soul;
But long ago it was ordained that this is not my role;

“For though your race is curious we feel it is essential
For us to let you find your way to fulfil your potential;
And like the poppy in the field grows free and undefiled
So your race, so proud and free, must walk its path, my child.”

Angry then, I cried in pain, “Why have you come to me?”
And he spoke again, more quietly still, “Beloved, don’t you see?
I felt your growing burdens and I thought to ease your pain
And one day when your path is trod, my child, we’ll meet again.

“And though you think me gone you will never be alone –
Just listen for me in the wind or seek me in a stone,
See me in a baby’s smile; feel me in a warm embrace
And when you find your soul mate you will see me in that face.

“I cannot share your road for another path is mine
But understand that you and I are part of the divine;
And the circle which joins us time and space transcends;
I was there at your beginning; I will be there at the end”

Freespirit © 2004

The Mermaid

With azure eyes she scanned the bay
The screeching seagulls cried above;
Sunlight shone on golden scales
As she searched, lonely, for her love.

His hair was bright like ripened corn
With skin as fair as new mown hay;
And as they’d kissed, their love they’d sworn
As in each other’s arms they lay.

And yet she was Poseidon’s child
And born of ocean, swiftly free;
And he was of the forest wild
Of leaf and mould and old oak tree.

She could not live on land, she said:
“The ocean’s child must live in water.
My home is deep upon the sea-bed
You know I am Poseidon’s daughter.

“But I am of a magical race
With Undine’s power – just take my hand
And you can dwell within my place
And never more return to land.”

And as they lay ‘neath setting sun
He promised even as they kissed:
“We’ll swim beneath the waves, as one”
And so they made their lover’s tryst.

He left her then, but promised, “Soon
I’ll meet you here, where breakers foam
We’ll meet beneath the rising moon
The briny depths will be our home.”

And as the moon rose high above
He walked through woods he knew so well
And vowed he’d leave them for his love
And ‘neath the raging foam they’d dwell.

He did not come, of course, how could he?
To never feel again dew’s spell
Upon his skin, when wakened early,
He walked within a sun kissed dell.

But sometimes as he walks the shore
And looks into the ocean’s deeps;
Above the thunderous breakers’ roar
He hears a mermaid’s cry, and weeps.

Freespirit © 2004

The Lovers

They met somewhere along the way
She slipped into his velvet eyes
And said I did not realise
The road would feel so grey:
I’ve been so lonely to the core,
I thought that I would slowly drown;
The world would still be spinning round
But I would be no more.

He said, My name may not be known,
But you are welcome by My side
I cannot promise much beside –
I tend to walk alone.
She searched within to find His soul
But found Him dark and incomplete
His heart moved to a different beat
His barrenness was cold.

But still she warmed Him in her arms
And strived to find the man inside
The shadowed form she walked beside;
And using all her charms
She tried to tease His name from him
And loved Him with such girlish grace
She brought a smile to His face
A face so dark and grim.

But by and by she came across
The name she sought so long to find;
Too late she cried within her mind –
I am already lost!
And whispering on her last sweet breath,
What cruel irony Eos?
The man I love is Thanatos –
I gave myself to Death.

Together their dark watch they keep:
Inexorably, he takes what’s his;
But soothing with a dreamer’s kiss
His gentle lover sends them sleep.
So Death can wear another face;
A little hope to light the dark,
A gentle breeze, a willing heart,
To face the dark abyss with grace.

Freespirit © 2004

Angel by your side

I heard an angel singing
It was the sweetest sound
A silver bell was ringing,
And echoed all around
I let his voice caress me
Like a soft and gentle breeze,
I felt his great wings lift me
Up through the swaying trees

I soared then like an eagle
Up through the candy clouds
Over the towering mountains
On through their misty shrouds
Until everywhere was sunlight
And filled with a golden glow
That rained like flowing stardust
On the people far below

I watched with mounting clarity,
Blessed by some special sight –
And every being I could see
Was bathed within this light
And as I watched the scene unfold
My wondering eyes grew wide –
For every person I could see
Had an angel by their side

I gently floated down and down,
Back to the earthly plane
Back into reality
Where everything is sane
I felt a momentary sense
Of loss, deeply profound;
I tried to hear the angel sing
But couldn’t hear a sound

Was this just a vision then
Perhaps some cosmic game?
How could I call my angel back
When I hadn’t asked his name?
But when I listened to my heart
The answer came, so clear,
“You have no need to call me back –
I’ve always been right here”

The knowledge grew within my mind
That long I had denied
That each and every one of us
Has an angel by our side.
Each load you carry he bears too
Each pain leaves him a scar
But he will never judge you,
For he loves you, as you are

Freespirit © 2006