Scotty’s Little Soldiers

Scotty’s Little Soldiers is dedicated to supporting the children of men and women killed in action while serving with the British Armed Forces.

The charity provides treats, trips and activities for families of the fallen with the aim of offering a respite – however brief – from the daily ups and downs of coping without a loved one.

Lee was always know as Scotty and he used to call Kai his Little Soldier.

Inspired by the experience of army widow, Nichola Scott, the charity honours husband Corporal Lee ‘Scotty’ Scott’s memory – both as a loyal soldier and a loving father – and provides a practical yet personal way for the public at large to show their appreciation for those brave individuals who make the ultimate sacrifice in the service of their country.

Funds for the charity are raised through events, donations, merchandising and corporate sponsorships. Children will receive letters, cards, gifts, tickets for events and even fees for local sports or activities. In the long term, we’re aiming to buy a holiday home, so that families can take short breaks and enjoy building new, happy memories.

Card of the Day: Temperance, Robin Wood

My card of the day is drawn from one of my own treasured decks; my interpretation is drawn from my intuition and from my many years of experience as a professional tarot reader. Each time I read in this way, I add to my own experience of the arcana, the journey is evolutionary. I hope that my reflections will add something to your own understanding of this mystical and ancient craft.

Temperance – Robin Wood Tarot Deck


LOL – I really did laugh out loud when I asked for wisdom for the day and I pulled this card.  Nothing terribly deep and mysterious here, I thought, despite it being a Major.  For one thing I do lack is moderation!  I tend not to walk the middle road.  I am passionate about my loves, I wear my heart on my sleeve and most everyone can read my emotions!

So on the weekend, well yes I may enjoy baking chocolate chip cookies a little more than I should – for the family, you understand – even though I know its not just the fairies who will eat the cookie dough!  (Click here to view my recipe)

But of course, there is another type of temperance.  In my card, this spirit being holds one foot in the water of life and with his hands he juggles three glowing orbs.  He is weaving together disparate elements until he reaches perfection.  To me, he represents the Divine Sword of Truth.

Think of the creation of a sword – it must be firm, but it must also have flexibility.  It must be sharp but it also needs strength.  The process by which this is achieved is called tempering.

We all need to go through this process in our lives.  Some of us will go through it many times more than we would wish and it may seem that others appear to walk through life, largely unscathed and unchallenged.

But life is like this, is it not?  We are constantly tested beyond our endurance.  Sometimes, I look around me and I think my concerns are quite trivial, when I consider the heartache and suffering others must endure.  But this process of temperance is what shapes our characters and makes us who we are.  For when the only thing we can choose is to decide, above the odds, to go on – then we really shine.

I have been reflecting on this quite considerably recently, I am certain that is why I was offered this card today.  To read a story of true courage and endurance, go to Nikki’s Blog and you will have a little insight into how one woman rose to the challenge and decided to put one foot in front of the other, and help others to smile.

Mitakuye Oyasin – We Are All Related

Freespirit x



Card of the Day

Good morning my lovelies!  

You may have noticed that I haven’t been posting much recently.  I apologise for that, normal service will be resumed shortly!

I guess you might say I had a sort of epiphany.  My card of the day is always given freely and is offered to you, my reader, with great love.  I have noticed, however, that few stop to leave a comment.  This saddened me greatly.  How do I know if my messages reach any of you unless you leave me a small sign.  My greatest wish in this life has been to serve – to help and to offer kindness.  Perhaps it is a vanity that I should need to hear that my words have been heard – but there you are!  I never professed to be a saint of any kind!

I am going to start posting again and if you find my words helpful, sincere and if they touch your heart in any way, perhaps you will be so kind as to leave a short comment.  🙂  And if you feel we are kindred souls in some small way, please read my pages about Scotty’s Little Soldiers.

Scotty’s Little Soldiers is dedicated to supporting the children of men and women killed in action while serving with the British Armed Forces.

There are a million reasons why this charity has become so important to me, and I guess that’s not really important right now.  Suffice it to say that I remember how hard it was for me, as a young woman of 20, to lose my father.  Although I was an adult, I could not imagine life without this gentle rock of a man who had sustained me through my childhood.  My father died in his own home, having lived a good life surrounded by the people he loved.  How much worse, I ask myself, for a child, who has no understanding of the reasons Daddy or Mummy will never come back.  I cannot even imagine.

There are so many worthwhile causes.  Why this one?  Why do I want to help these children so much?  Its something I’ve asked myself.  But as part of the Scotty Team I do feel I can make a difference, and if I get to help one child, its a start.

I’m going to leave you with this beautiful card from Brian Froud’s wonderful Heart of Faerie.  Bright SparkHis name is Bright Spark, it seems appropriate doesn’t it?  All those beautiful, heroic little kids, trying to be brave, facing the world without Daddy or Mummy.

I’m not going to tell you about Bright Spark.  I’m going to let you imagine him – his potential, his talents as yet untapped, his bright future path as yet unexplored.  A tiny flame.  Like a child, it must be tended carefully – allowed to develop in its own way – encouraged to fulfill its true nature and become a bright, vibrant star!

To all those bright sparks, I send love and healing.

Brightest Blessings – Sandie

Mitakuye Oyasin – We Are All Related

Freespirit x


Supporting Scotty’s Little Soldiers

Merry Meet!

I was raised to believe that a smile costs nothing.  So I smile a lot.  Often at people I don’t know.  Sometimes they look surprised, but I go on smiling.  My life has given me many opportunities to smile and be grateful.  I have a loving family, strong children, a host of beautiful grandchildren.  I get to share my life with my soul-mate.  We may not be wealthy, but life is rich and I am blessed.  And at this point in my life, I really want to share that joy.

A smile – such a small thing – such a wondrous thing.  On the logo of Scotty’s Little Soldiers you will read: Help their children smile.


Army Widow Nikki Scott set up the charity in August 2010 to help the children our fallen heroes leave behind, after the tragic death of her husband Corporal Lee Scott left her a widow with two young children.


Nikki says: “The idea of Scotty’s Little Soldiers first came to me just a few weeks after my husband Lee was killed but back then I was a complete mess and struggled to find the strength to get dressed let alone set a charity up! Now with the support of great friends and family it has been possible.

“I know as an army widow myself with two young children how losing a parent can affect a child. Going through this experience or night- mare should I say, is unbearable for any adult but to watch a child suffer the loss of a parent is… well I can’t even find words to explain it.”

Find out more about Scotty’s Little soldiers here:

Founder Nikki has a dream: To bring some smiles back to the children of our fallen heroes, who made the ultimate sacrifice in the service of our country.  Our pride in these men and women cannot easily be explained to a child.  All that child knows is that Daddy or Mummy is never coming home.

There are so many ways you can help – fund-raising of course, supporting events in your own location, or visiting Scotty’s Shop

But one very special event I would like to tell you all about is the Rugby World Record Attempt!

On 31st May 2013, 44 players and a team of coaches will meet up at the home of rugby legends, Leicester Tigers, to attempt to break a world record in support of Scotty’s Little Soldiers.

I confess, I have a rather special interest in the rugby challenge, as my son is the Team Captain for Scotty’s – check out his charity page here!.  Of course, it goes much deeper than maternal pride!  The teams have promised us a fabulous family event, with all sorts of activites and entertainment.  The good news is you can buy your ticket now for just £5 from Scotty’s Shop.

To keep you informed about what’s going on in Scotty’s world, we send out a monthly email newsletter.  If you would like to receive this, please write and ask to join our mailing list at

So that’s it for now.  I shall be popping back to chat about ways that Scotty’s supporters all around the country are raising money and bringing smiles.

Mitakuye Oyasin – We Are All Related

Freespirit x