Daily Reflection

Drawing from the The Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert, I drew these cards today:

10 Earth, Gaian TarotTen of Earth shows a forest regenerating herself by using a fallen tree stump to provide a place for new growth of bright green vegetation.

So do we replenish the earth ourselves, as we walk forward on our own path into the wisdom of age, passing on our own stories to the young.

Always, the tens speak of ends and new beginnings.

I turned a second card, to shed some light upon the nature of the next part of my journey.  I am to sit quietly, assume the role of grandmother teacher, or is there still some work to be done?

3 Fire, Gaian TarotThree of Fire dances with exuberance and energy, as the fire that is her element sweeps through her body and fills her with joy.  I too am filled with the joy of creativity right now!  I cannot stop baking, writing and learning.  I am totally energised, truly as if a fire has regenerated itself within my core.

The calendar tells me I have just reached 61 years!  Convention demands that I should reflect that age in my demeanor and my choices.  Yet on this earth walk I am still a young being, with much to learn, to experience and to share.

It is not my nature to fit within convention and I – like this creature of fire – shall continue to dance to my own drumbeat, just as I have always done and hopefully what I create will bring something to others who also walk this path.

Blessed Be x


2014 Imbolc Tarot Blog Hop: Increasing Creativity

Over on the US Games Tarot Blog, I came across this interesting little spread for increasing creativity and felt it might help me find my centre again, as I have felt, for some time, rather disconnected.

The beautiful Faerie Tarot by Natalie Hertz Faerie Tarot: Premier Edition feels right, after the way my fey folk have been whispering to me about my lack of creativity.  I simply adore these cards – I bought them to make story telling games for my granddaughter but they turned out to be among my most treasured and well used decks!

High Priestess, Faerie TarotMeditation: The High Priestess

Meditating is not easy for me, I find it difficult to blank out the ‘monkey chatter’ in my brain, but I do try.  I have recently renewed my interest in Yoga and last week on my birthday my son and his girlfriend surprised me with the gift of a diploma course – in Yoga!  I don’t believe in coincidence and feel already that my path is becoming clearer once again.

High Priestess reminds me that all I need is within myself.  She seems to offer a sacred scroll – a study in the sutras perhaps?  Perhaps as I work on my studies of this ancient wisdom, I shall reconnect with what is really important to me.

The Devil, Faerie TarotWish: The Devil

There you stand, little man, pulling faces and daring me to pass.  Well, I believe I shall.  For your rules are not my rules and I shall not be bound by them.

I am my own conscience, and I dare to dream.  Each of us must dream our own dreams and weave our own paths.

My wishes are my own, and I shall dare to begin creating my own reality again, despite what may stand in my way.

For it is said: An it harm none, do as thou will.

Page Cups, Faerie TarotRelaxation: Page of Cups

Once again, I become the dreamer – singing my songs, writing my words, spinning my tales and weaving my dreams.  For the Page of Cups sings of visions and love and he speaks to my heart.  He says – if your heart is true and your path is pure, then you walk in beauty.


The Emperor – Protective Boundaries

The Emperor, JvSo today, I’m back with the wondrous Joie de Vivre Tarot

And who should appear but the rather wonderful Emperor, swiftly followed by my old friend, the King of Coins.

So, its all about boundaries and with these two illustrious gentlemen stealing the show, I’d say today’s message is about respect: for other people’s property and of course, their physical being.

We hear so much about personal freedom, don’t we, but we must also be aware of how our choices affect others.

The Emperor is there, like the Father God, who protects us all, the weak and the strong.  He looks out for us all and his boundaries are those of kindness, of good judgment, of wise choices and of charity.

King Coins, JVThe King of Coins echoes this in his worldly way.  He will fiercly protect his own with fearlessness and courage, all the while aware that he must also have a wider perspective.  His kingdom is the earth and all its children.

Mitakuye Oyasin – We Are All Related

Freespirit x


How Not To Ask A Question! A Reading for Relationships

“I am going through a rough patch in my relationship..
Does he love me?
Will we get married and have children?”

When I am asked a question like this, I always ask my client if I may rephrase the question.

Why?  Because we have freewill and asking a question that can only be answered yes or no is disempowering.  So I might rephrase it something like this:

“How can I best work through the difficulties with my partner to bring about a more harmonious relationship?”

Using the Crystal Visions Tarot I drew 3 cards:

The first card addresses the current issue, and I asked of the Tarot

What yWheel, CV]ou need to know: The Wheel of Fortune

With the Wheel of Fortune in this position, you are called to reflect upon the cyclical nature of all life.   I feel you are currently preoccupied with the passing of time, and a tangible sign of progress with your partner is of great importance to you.

Nevertheless, you should remember that the perception of time is relative.  In my card, a tiny dragonfly hovers  above the water: he has but a single day to live his brief but glorious life.  But the ancient dragon who guards the wheel of time has millennia in which to weave his destiny.  They have different perceptions, because they have had different experiences during their lives.

It takes time to for two people to get to know each other and to feel comfortable and confident enough to move forward to the next stage of the relationship.  I am sure you are familiar with the phrase “Where is this relationship going?”.  Perhaps you suspect that your current difficulties are because your partner lacks commitment to you, but perhaps he needs more time to feel secure enough to move forward.

If your partner has had an unhappy experience previously, he may not feel ready yet to commit to your lifeplan, but that doesn’t have to mean he never will.

Of the second card, I asked:

Temperance, CVWhat you need to do: Temperance

The card of Temperance shows a beautiful winged being sitting beside a lake.  Carefully and with great care, she combines fire and water.  These elements may not be a natural pairing, yet together, given time, they form a rainbow!  Such is the nature of relationships.

Sometimes, things take a little time to get right and if you attempt to press your partner at this stage, you may simply add more pressure than he is ready for.

Temperance advises you to be calm and balanced.  Acknowledge your feelings for your partner, but try to think about the outcome as something that will take time and patience to grow.

Encourage him to share his feelings for you in an atmosphere that is free from pressure and hostility.  Free yourself from the pressure of time and know that the very best things in life take time and nuture if they are to mature into something worth keeping.

6 Pentacles, CVWhat feelings you need to acknowledge: 6 of Pentacles

Sixes relate to balance and harmony, and the Six of Pentacles relates to the physical world, particularly finances.  This is a card of abundance; what has previously been worked for now brings results.  My image shows the gifts of the harvest being shared equally in an act of generosity.

So I ask you to consider the financial nature of your relationship.

Does one of you earn a lot more?  If so, how does the other partner offer support in other ways?  Is everything balanced within your relationship and if now, can it be brought into balance?

Perhaps for your partner, financial security is a priority right now and until he can achieve this, he may be unable to commit to the kind of relationship that you seek.

The young woman in the image knows that in order for her garden to provide her with a full harvest, she must first tend the land and nurture her seedlings.  Only then will she be able to reap her rewards and in most situations in life, this is true.  But this card is certainly a card which shows a full harvest and I think it shows promise for a healthy and productive relationship, if that is what you both decide you want.

Mitakuye Oyasin – We Are All Related

Freespirit x


More Happy Cards for Kids

Justice, Faerie TarotFaerie Tarot: Premier Edition by Nathalie Hertz

Today, I am learning some more from the mind of a child.  I move forward from the joyous freedom of the Fool, and I meet a beautiful Fey, whose name is Temperance.

She pours an unknown liquid from her jug into a chalice.  We could attempt to define this energy, but today this card is for all the children – the ones who are sad, the ones who are lonely, the ones who are afraid.

Today, the universe brings you a gift – it is a rainbow.

It is a rainbow of love and within its many colours there are smiles and there is laughter.

Rainbows are magical, aren’t they?  Do you know how a rainbow is made?  It is made by mixing raindrops and sunshine!

What is your favourite colour?  Is it yellow?  Is it green?  Whatever colour makes you happy, I want you to close your eyes and in this moment, I want you to imagine that the rainbow flows over you and you become at the centre of its beautiful colours and all around you is your favourite colour of all.  Remember, too, that the colours in a rainbow can make ALL the colours that you can imagine!  Temperance mixes her colours to find the perfect one to make you happy.

Today, my children, this rainbow is for you.  It wants you to be happy.  It wants you to know, that even when life brings you tragedy, its OK to smile again.

So when you feel sad, remember the Rainbow that the Temperance Faerie brought to you and let yourself smile.

Mitakuye Oyasin – We Are All Related

Freespirit x


Happy Cards for Kids

Fool, Faerie Tarot

Faerie Tarot: Premier Edition by Nathalie Hertz

Children are the future, that’s what we say isn’t it?  Sometimes I think, in our honest desire to help them be the best they can be, we forget to let them ‘just be‘ right now!

So I decided to find a ‘happy deck’ just for using with my littlies.  Not to do readings, of course, but just to be able to share some of the happy, hopeful stuff.

The task was much harder than you might imagine, because The Tarot has a full range of dark and wonderful imagery and is naturally considered an adult pastime.  So even my most etheric, beautiful decks have a darker side.  I looked right through my extensive deck collection – oh, don’t get me started on just how extensive it really is!  Truly, I have some delightful decks but all of them, in some ways, have some images that I consider to be unhelpful to the younger seeker.

I mentioned this to my husband, who in his rather pragmatic way asked me if it would be very unethical to simply take out the cards that I did not want to use.  Ordinarily, this sort of doctoring of the deck would be quite unthinkable, but in the spirit of joy that is childhood, I decided to do just that.  So I took out the Death card first.  Even at its most positive, I felt that image would be inappropriate.  Then – shock horror – I removed all the Swords.  That left me with a delightfully quirky, upbeat and positive deck for the little kiddies to enjoy looking at.

Of course, the Faerie Tarot is a very intuitive deck in its own right and all the cards contain the ancient wisdom of the Arcana wrapped up in their whimsical images.

So with all these thoughts in my mind, I shuffled and out popped – The Fool!

It seemed so appropriate and so very obvious, that I laughed out loud.  Such a jolly fellow, playing with his friend, climbing trees, making daisy chains – just being a kid!

But the Fool, for all his games and merriment, is not really a fool.  He embraces diversity and regards the world with innocence and faith.

For those young people who are studying hard to get their grades, work is so important, but taking a little time away from the books to hang out with their friends is important too.

To those kids whose lives are so busy with sports fixtures, music lessons and all those extra-curricular activities that we, as parents and guardians, cram into their days so they don’t miss a thing – take a breath and play the Fool!  Because there are things about childhood that cannot be taught.

And once we are adults, we spend our lives trying to recapture that wonderful, liberating innocence and childlike joy.

Mitakuye Oyasin – We Are All Related

Freespirit x


Reflections on Fear: Robin Wood Tarot

Queen of Swords, Robin Wood Deck

Focus: What do I fear most at the moment?

Although severe, the Queen of Swords is not unkind.  She has learned through her own pain and is a wise and just leader.  She is, in many ways, the great healer of sorrows.

Queens represent the Goddess in her earthly elemental aspects.  Like any Queen of the Arcana, she acts with only pure intent, towards the highest purpose.

The Queen of Swords may appear distant and somewhat detached, but this is her nature.  She resides in the realm of the mind, the place of intellegence and thoughtfulness.

She is the still, quiet voice of reason.  She is the calmed mind, freed from the monkey chatter of idle gossip and random thoughts.

It is her duty to deal with conflict and damaged situations, in order to restore harmony.

Why should I fear her?

Swords deal with the situations which must be cut away.

Why do I fear her?

She reminds me of my fraility, of the brief time allowed to me in this Earth-Walk.  Will there be another? I believe so, but not here, not now, not with these beloveds around me and not within this particular form.

She reminds me of Atropos, cutting the threads of fate with her awesome shears.  But as with all Minor Arcana, whether courtly or not, she appears only as a guide: my fate is within my own hands.

Ace of Swords, Robin Wood

The mighty Sword of Truth is laid beside her, like a call to arms.  Excallibur only appears when timely action is right and necessary.

But what if I make the wrong choice? What then?

Freewill and the ability to make our own fates is an awesome responsiblity.

 Martin Luther King, Jr said:
The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. 




Mitakuye Oyasin – We Are All Related

Freespirit x