Daily Reflection

Drawing from the The Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert, I drew these cards today:

10 Earth, Gaian TarotTen of Earth shows a forest regenerating herself by using a fallen tree stump to provide a place for new growth of bright green vegetation.

So do we replenish the earth ourselves, as we walk forward on our own path into the wisdom of age, passing on our own stories to the young.

Always, the tens speak of ends and new beginnings.

I turned a second card, to shed some light upon the nature of the next part of my journey.  I am to sit quietly, assume the role of grandmother teacher, or is there still some work to be done?

3 Fire, Gaian TarotThree of Fire dances with exuberance and energy, as the fire that is her element sweeps through her body and fills her with joy.  I too am filled with the joy of creativity right now!  I cannot stop baking, writing and learning.  I am totally energised, truly as if a fire has regenerated itself within my core.

The calendar tells me I have just reached 61 years!  Convention demands that I should reflect that age in my demeanor and my choices.  Yet on this earth walk I am still a young being, with much to learn, to experience and to share.

It is not my nature to fit within convention and I – like this creature of fire – shall continue to dance to my own drumbeat, just as I have always done and hopefully what I create will bring something to others who also walk this path.

Blessed Be x