2014 Imbolc Tarot Blog Hop: Increasing Creativity

Over on the US Games Tarot Blog, I came across this interesting little spread for increasing creativity and felt it might help me find my centre again, as I have felt, for some time, rather disconnected.

The beautiful Faerie Tarot by Natalie Hertz Faerie Tarot: Premier Edition feels right, after the way my fey folk have been whispering to me about my lack of creativity.  I simply adore these cards – I bought them to make story telling games for my granddaughter but they turned out to be among my most treasured and well used decks!

High Priestess, Faerie TarotMeditation: The High Priestess

Meditating is not easy for me, I find it difficult to blank out the ‘monkey chatter’ in my brain, but I do try.  I have recently renewed my interest in Yoga and last week on my birthday my son and his girlfriend surprised me with the gift of a diploma course – in Yoga!  I don’t believe in coincidence and feel already that my path is becoming clearer once again.

High Priestess reminds me that all I need is within myself.  She seems to offer a sacred scroll – a study in the sutras perhaps?  Perhaps as I work on my studies of this ancient wisdom, I shall reconnect with what is really important to me.

The Devil, Faerie TarotWish: The Devil

There you stand, little man, pulling faces and daring me to pass.  Well, I believe I shall.  For your rules are not my rules and I shall not be bound by them.

I am my own conscience, and I dare to dream.  Each of us must dream our own dreams and weave our own paths.

My wishes are my own, and I shall dare to begin creating my own reality again, despite what may stand in my way.

For it is said: An it harm none, do as thou will.

Page Cups, Faerie TarotRelaxation: Page of Cups

Once again, I become the dreamer – singing my songs, writing my words, spinning my tales and weaving my dreams.  For the Page of Cups sings of visions and love and he speaks to my heart.  He says – if your heart is true and your path is pure, then you walk in beauty.