Card of the Day: Seven of Chalices

7 ChalicesMy card of the day is drawn from one of my own treasured decks; my interpretation is drawn from my intuition and from my many years of experience as a professional tarot reader. Each time I read in this way, I add to my own experience of the arcana, the journey is evolutionary. I hope that my reflections will add something to your own understanding of this mystical and ancient craft.

7 of Chalices, The Sirian Starseed Tarot

When I asked for wisdom today, I was not surprised to see this card.  I’ve drawn it so often, its like an old friend.

But when a card like this appears repeatedly, I must ask myself why?  After all, its traditionally the card of the dreamer.  So I asked myself two questions:

  • Do I ask too much out of my life?
  • Do I ask too little?

Its all about focus, isn’t it?  You see, I’m a glass over-flowing kind of gal – no glass half full for me.  I’m positivity personified!

Now, this may be considered a good thing, but if my question is about business matters – as it was – well perhaps I need to change my perspective.  I need to ask myself some new questions, such as:

  • Am I settling for less than I can be?
  • Am I neglecting my dreams?

When I looked again at the card, I realised that my eyes were drawn quite squarely to the middle of the staircase.  Not above, not below.  Could I have made such an art of living in the present moment, that I scarcely give any thought to tomorrow?

Let’s put it another way.  If I don’t begin to bring the Castle in the Air – so ethereally emerging from cup number four – from my dreams into the tangible world, how can I move forward on my path to fulfil my soul’s true purpose.

Thank you for sharing this Tarot experience with me.  Today’s card was quite personal for me, but I hope that it may have given you some food for thought for your own journey forward.

Please join me again soon.

Mitakuye Oyasin – We Are All Related

Freespirit x



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