Card of the Day: The Fool, Druidcraft Tarot by Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm & Will Worthington

My card of the day is drawn from the Druidcraft Tarot, one of my very favourite decks.  When I draw this card, I reflect on what it means to me on this moment, of this day.  If I sitting with you, perhaps my reflections would be similiar but distinct.  If I were sitting with you and you had asked me to consider a specific question, my thoughts may be quite different.  But maybe … just maybe, these thoughts are just for you.  That is the nature of the tarot.

The Fool: The Druidcraft Tarot DeckFool, Druidcraft

For goodness, watch where you’re going!  As the Fool prepares to walk forward into an abyss, seemingly unaware of the danger right beneath his feet, we wish we could hold onto him with both hands, implore him to be careful, at least warn him of the peril he is in.

Yet let us look again, for I cannot help but think this Fool knows exactly what he does and prepares to take a leap of faith.  His loyal companion, perhaps possessing a higher perception of whether he truly faces imminent danger, is quite unconcerned.

The feathers in this young traveller’s cap show many battles, if our ancient lore is to be believed.  So he is not, perhaps, the naive child we perceive, but a simple journeyman who has decided to be faithful to his cause and believe that his needs will be met.

Belief is the keyword then?  Believe – in yourself? In your dream? In your potential?

Yes, all of these things or perhaps none of them.  For if you do not believe in your ability to manifest your dream, then all of the faith in the world will not help you now.

But wait, there is something else.  Our Fool has a loyal companion, who perhaps possessing a higher knowledge, is rather unconcerned.  And I wonder if that, perhaps, is the biggest secret of all – and what makes this Fool smile so beatifically.  He is not alone. We are not alone.

For it is said:
Mitakuye Oyasin – We Are All Related

Freespirit x



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