Card of the Day: King of Cups, Druidcraft Tarot

King Cups

My card of the day is drawn from one of my own treasured decks; my interpretation is drawn from my intuition and from my many years of experience as a professional tarot reader.

Each time I read in this way, I add to my own experience of the arcana, the journey is evolutionary. I hope that my reflections will add something to your own understanding of this mystical and ancient craft.

The Druid Craft Tarot Deck (Tarot Cards)

This is a king of vision, and of course, the master of his element.

Shall we borrow his gift of sight?

He gazes intently across his watery domain, his throne right at the edge fo the water where he can be most at home.  What does he percieve on the distant horizon of his dreams, I wonder.

Pay attention to your own dreams.  Take notice of symbols in your life and learn to recognise these signs in your own reflections and meditations, so that you can more easily bring about your dreams.

When you see, many times, the same symbols appear – perhaps in unexpected places – then you will know it is important that you discover its true meaning.

Listen to the voice of your intuition, for it is your higher self speaking.  It knows your own true purpose, in this lifetime.

Be kind to the people around you , express your love freely and do not be afraid to share your feelings.  It will make you a wonderful person to be around.  Think of the joy a smile brings and then you will smile more readily.

Brightest Blessings

Mitakuye Oyasin – We Are All Related

Freespirit x



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