Blessed Imbolc

Merry Meet

The MaidenHere in the western hemisphere, Wiccans and Pagans of all paths will celebrate the turning of the year this weekend.  As the Crone becomes the Maiden once again, we welcome the coming of spring and all its promise.

We celebrate Imbolc as a time of birth and rebirth, as do our Christian friends who  celebrate Candlemas.

Whatever our spiritual paths, surely we can all feel the changing of the season – an underlying energy, an undenial hum of anticipation from the very earth Herself, as Her first shoots appear with the warming of the sun.

The first snowdrops show their faces to the world, along with crocuses and soon daffodils will follow.

The birds are flirting and all around we hear the chatter and chitter of the preparations for life.

In fact, Imbolc can be taken to mean ‘In the belly’, a literal reference to the ewes who already carry the lambs they will birth in the spring.

In the wider sense everything is pregnant with possibility in the spring – the Earth and all Her children, you and me included.  For we have nurtured our dreams and imaginings through the darkest days and nights of winter and now, as surely as spring comes we can bring those dreams forth.

What dreams will you bring into reality? What secret imaginings, what lost loves rekindled, what flights of fancy will you birth?

Think about it my friends, for there is magic in the air!

Mitakuye Oyasin – We Are All Related

Freespirit x



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