My Yule Wish for Scotty’s Little Soldiers

Merry Yule beloveds!

Yuletide, Hannukah, Christmas, the Midwinter Festival, the Festival of Lights – this is my favourite time of year, whatever flavour it comes in!

I love the sparkle, the giving, the unwrapping, but most of all, I love having my beloved family around me.  I feel particularly blessed this year.

But I do recognise that for some people, this can be an especially poignant or difficult time of year.

Imagine the conflicted emotions of those children, for whom Christmas should be most magical, facing the festive season without a loved one.

Imagine the child whose daddy, mummy or other loved one will never be coming home again.

Spreading the Light

I will let Nikki Scott, the courageous young woman who founded this charity, tell you about Scotty’s Little Soldiers and the wonderful work it does.

I was so moved by Nikki’s story myself that I really wanted to do something to help.

I had the idea that I should offer some of my digital artwork and poetry, in return for donations, in my shop Pandora’s Box.  Then I thought – why not ALL of it? After all, these are my gifts, which I am happy to give away: perhaps with your help we can pass it forward.

Please go to Scotty’s, if you haven’t already visited.

Then, please visit my shop (Pandora’s Box), download some artwork and let’s see if – like Pandora of old – we can bring a little Hope into the world.

If you don’t like my artwork or my poetry, please just leave a little something on my fundraising page anyway, for Scotty’s Little Soldiers.

Merry Yule and Brightest Blessings – Freespirit xx


2 thoughts on “My Yule Wish for Scotty’s Little Soldiers

  1. Thank you big bro! I hope so too, its a wonderful cause and you are doing a great job yourself, spreading the light. Brightest Blessings – FS (Little sis)

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