Card of the Day: 45

The Elements, from the Book of Shadows Tarot: As Above by Barbara Moore

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In the Rider Waite Tarot, this card would be termed the Magician and while I am most comfortable with that terminology and imagery, there is a certain logic to this which I find quite appealing.

You see, the Magician can give a very mixed message.  We think of him as being clever and powerful, or manipulative and devious and this allows us to misread this card at times.

Lets think about the word Magician – one who wields magic.

Magic – like any force of nature – is without guile or bias, rather like electricity.  It would be absurd to say of electricity that it is evil or good.  It is neither – it is power for us to use or not use, wisely or unwisely.

So for anyone who has ever struggled to interpret the Magician card in a reading, perhaps it will be useful to see it in this abstract form.

For now we can see what has been there all along – that the elements, the seen and unseen forces of the universe, are available for us to make use of in the same way that we use electricity.

In this image, four hands offer the elemental gifts for the use of the journeyman.  Fire, the creative force; Air, the force of directed thought; Water, the power of the emotions and Earth, physical matter.

You are offered the world – will you take it? Will you make it yours?

Whatever gifts you were born with, use them well, use them wisely for with these gifts, you get to make your own reality.

Wherever you are on your path through life, you are told by this card to make the best of yourself, to use your intelligence and your talents to Walk your Talk on this road of life, to fulfil your destiny and your own sacred purpose.

Mitakuye Oyasin – We Are All Related

All article rights © 2012 Sandie Worthy

Freespirit x

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