Card of the Day 40

Faery TarotEach day, I will draw a card from a different deck and post here my reflections

Faerie Tarot: Premier Edition

5 Wands – Faerie Tarot by Natalie Hertz

This little fey has a message for anyone who has asked about their work situation and its surrounding energies.

Look how he struggles with his wands, trying so hard not to drop one, but it is clear he needs some help.

Five Wands often suggests a need for team work and there is certainly a lack of help of any kind for this fey.

If only this fey had some willing hands to assist he would be able to reap much more of his harvest.

But its more than just asking for help; its about being able to create an atmosphere of trust between co-workers, so that all members of the team are supporting a common end and each is able to work to their mutual highest good.

Faery Tarot

The Wheel of Fortune – Faerie Tarot by Natalie Hertz

A lot rides on being able to create an energetic environment, in which each member of the team is able to offer and request support.

If this is not achieved, potential and momentum will be lost and the moment of opportunity will be lost.

However, working hard to create such an environment will be beneficial for all concerned, both now and in the future.

Mitakuye Oyasin – We Are All Related



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