Affirmation for Rejuvenation

This is a healing ritual I created using my Robin Wood Tarot deck as a focus.

I created this affirmation for myself,  because I was feeling rather run down after a period of illness.  I was very anaemic and had sought medical help but  I wanted to start to heal myself.  I felt I needed some help from the universal forces.

I chose the Fool because to me it represents carefree youth and exuberance.

I chose Judgement because the imagery expressed exactly how I wanted to feel again – renewed and charged with energy.

I chose The World because I was asking for help from all four elements and the universal life force.

Cards Used:

The Fool
The World

Meditate as long as you wish on the 3 cards.

Cast your circle in whatever way you prefer, using the colour candles you consider appropriate.  Ask the aspect of the Divine you feel connected to in this situation – I chose Ceres on this occasion.

If you do not feel drawn to a particular aspect then you may direct your prayers in whatever way you feel is right for you.

Then say:

I call upon the power that flows within me
I draw power from the elements around me
I call strength from the rocks and trees
I draw energy from from flowing water
I draw breath from the sky
I feel the heartbeat of the earth
I call magic from the stars
Every cell in my body is renewed
Every system in my body is revitalised
I am revitalised and rejuvenated
Every part of my body is working perfectly
My strength and vitality continues to grow
So it is and so it shall be

Thank your Deity, the elements and close your circle.  I find it useful to chant this as a mantra if I’m feeling a little under-the-weather.  You may say this silently too, if necessary.

Walk in Beauty – Freespirit ©


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