Tarot Talk: 4

Merry Meet!

I was looking at my Druidcraft cards earlier and felt again a deep and abiding connection with them, which goes beyond a simple relationship between reader and deck.

I have sometimes remarked to my students that the cards have no intrinsic powers of their own, but today I wonder if that is a rather simplistic view.

If I believe that all things have spirit and as such a divine purpose, surely this includes my deck?

If I believe also that an object may be empowered by intention for a specific purpose beyond its primary function, then that would mean my deck could be programmed as an instrument of healing, since that has always been my intent for its use.

Of course, I  honour all my decks and treat them with respect, whether they are the ones that I call upon frequently, or those I use only for teaching.  But its true to say that there are some which mean much more to me; they are trusted friends and allies.  Though logic may suggest they are simple items constructed from card and ink, I know that they have become more, they have grown and I believe they have a spirit of their own.

Mitakuye Oyasin – We Are All Related

Brightest Blessings – FS


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