Card of the Day 21

Each day, I will draw a card from a different deck and post here my reflections

3 Swords, Druidcraft

I drew two cards today, both were threes and this was the first.

Traditionally 3 of swords indicates sorrow or pain, with the swords firmly implanted in a bleeding heart.

In my image we see the swords resting upon a stone. Their job done, they rest upon the heart, which we see quite clearly is not broken. The tree, symbolic of this pain, is scarred, but has grown strong despite the injury.

The shape the swords make creates the symbol of The Arwen, the divine inspiration of the Welsh bards.

Wisdom can spring from heartache; difficult choices can turn out to be the wisest decisions we have ever made.


3 Wands, Druidcraft

The spark of inspiration leads us in a different direction.

Now we see the road ahead clearly, we see that it is filled with potential and untapped possibility.

From pain and suffering springs new growth, and the road leads ever onwards.


Mitakuye Oyasin – We Are All Related


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