Card of the Day 15

Each day, I will draw a card from a different deck and post here my reflections

Six of Cups, Shadowscape

I was really drawn to work with this deck again today and I always listen to my guides.

I was quite charmed by the image and I know that I am meant to experience this sense of wonder and joy in life for myself.

But the purpose of this guidance is to share my reflections, so here it is; it is perfectly fitting then that this card is ALL about sharing. Sharing friendship and gifts and the pure joy that comes with that.

When we share our gifts, our resources and our time, we open a world of possibility. In fact, in this image I see that anything is possible, even the impossible. Magic is all around and there for us to grasp if only we can believe.

Let us dream and share those dreams. Let us believe in the power of love and beauty to overcome the mightiest troubles and who knows what we can achieve.

Mitakuye Oyasin – We Are All Related


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