Card of the Day 10

Each day, I will draw a card from a different deck and post here my reflections

The Lovers: Fey Tarot

Looking at this beautiful card, I immediately understood something of the nature of love.

The image shows a large, clumsy creature, made of earth and roots, gazing with love at a light, airy fey, who flies gracefully above and around him.

She flies upside down; her attitude demonstrates clearly that his love is reciprocated.

Gently, the two creatures touch each other: their hair, their faces. They see beyond their differences.

Perhaps each knows that the other offers something unique, for he is grounded, secure and totally at ease in his environment. She must keep moving, dancing on gentle breezes or be swiftly lost on the wind.

The Lovers is always associated with choice; it is that way with all relationships, but particularly those that come under the influence of a major arcana.

Whatever choice you face now, you are asked to consider well, for it will impact not just upon your own life, but those around you.

Whether your choice relates to work, finance or personal relationships, consider both security and that which brings you joy. For in this physical world, we need both.

We cannot simply throw caution to the wind, and perhaps this gentle air sprite has discoverd for herself, she must have an anchor on which to tether herself lest she becomes scattered and lost.

But as the ground fey has found, his soul must be fed, his passions fired and his imagination must be allowed to travel freely, for only then can he dream of something beyond his mundane life.

This card illustrates so beautifully, for all to see and understand, the power of love can overcome diversity.

Love is not blind at all: it sees everything and accepts.

Mitakuye Oyasin – We Are All Related x


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