The Downpour

The rain fell like darts on the roof of the byre
As torrents hurled down from the heavens with ire
In a deluge of wrath that seemed never to tire
‘Til the ground became swamped like some giant quagmire.

The rain clouds had hidden the sunlight away
The sky disappeared behind curtains of grey.
The rain kept on falling throughout the long day
Into muddy deposits that stank of decay.

But just as I thought life would ever be drear
The curtain drew back – and I saw, shining clear
A sparkling bow of each colour of cheer
As a beautiful rainbow began to appear –

Till it filled up the sky like a great shining band.
And I mused, in my mind, if the mighty god Pan
Who sensing my sadness, had lifted his hand
And called forth Apollo to lighten the land

Freespirit © 2004


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