Card of the Day 5

Each day, I will draw a card from a different deck and post here my reflections

The Moon: Mystic Faerie Tarot

The Moon is one of my favourite cards of the Major Arcana. OK, its obscure but that is the whole point. There are mysterious things beyond our understanding and the moon asks you whether you are committed to knowing more, if you are brave enough to look beyond the veil of unknowing.

If the moon has made an appearance in your cards today, something is hidden from your view. Perhaps you do not know the whole truth of a situation.

Some things are ineffable and too great for us to see the whole of their nature and we must come to terms with the unknowing. That is the nature of the moon: she only ever shows one side of her face to you, and even that face you must view through the reflected light of the sun.

Let us look deeper into the symbolism in this image. The wolf is the great teacher. He, like the moon, is an enigma. He is both a social creature who depends upon and supports the pack, and also content with his own company for periods of time and space. He howls to the moon, to show that he is a mystery too. He is a great and powerful predator, yet he keeps himself hidden.

Things are never quite as they seem, when under the influence of the moon. Look, the moon is out, it is night or dusk, and yet the flowers are fully open – how can this be?

Consider the crayfish; his hard shell is great protection in his watery world. The moon may suggest the need to protect yourself from something you do not yet understand.

Remember, as with all the major arcana, the influence of the moon is far reaching and possibly beyond your direct control.

The beautiful face of the moon looks down upon you with something akin to sympathy. She is beyond your understanding; how might you respond to her? Do you feel brave enough to face your fears, or shall you, too, remain hidden?

Mitakuy Oyasin – We Are All Related


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