Card of the Day 4

Each day, I will draw a card from a different deck and post here my reflections

King of Bows: Wildwood Tarot

I am the King of Bows and I bring you the energy of manifestation.

You may find my presence disturbing, but you should not be afraid, for I offer you the energy of creativity.

My influence is very fortuitous, if you use it wisely.  By my nature, I am able to renew myself, a useful skill in matters of work and personal endeavour.  By shedding my skin I get rid of those things in my life that have ceased to serve me well.  Each time I shed, I dispel surface tension and relieve myself of burdens.  I am associated with the element of fire.

You see how I sit at the top of my rock? I work from a position of authority and have many helpers to assist me.  Look to the image again and you will note how my assistants await my directions.  They do this happily, for it is my nature to work hard and they realise that I have reached this position in life through endeavour.  I am an excellent leader, but I am prepared to join the workforce when it is necessary.

The younger members of my family are volatile, they can be hasty and they tend to lose interest in projects quickly.  But if you use my influence wisely, you will find that it serves you well, for I use my element wisely, so that it remains constant and fuels my enthusiasm rather than consuming it until it is gone.

If you follow my lead, work and creative endeavours should prosper and you will achieve your aims.

Mitakuye Oyasin – We Are All Related


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