Card of the Day 2

Each day, I will draw a card from a different deck and post here my reflections

3 of Swords:  Llewellyn Tarot

This is not an image anyone would wish to see in their cards, but sometimes seeing such a card may be cathartic.  When it appears, we have to face those doubts, those niggling thoughts that all is not well in our life.

My image is particularly dreary.  The swords are placed around a shivering, hopeless figure.  So miserable is she that her features have all but disappeared; perhaps that is how we feel, faceless, lost and losing herself in herself in her despair.  This card addresses our worst fears.

We know that the swords speak of action and change.  They may involve conflict or disagreement, or simply the growing certainty that something has to change.  They also suggest that there must be a change in thinking, or attitude, as they are to do with the mind.

Change is often painful, even if it is necessary.  But remember, these cards do not show a prescribed future.  They offer a reflection upon what’s happening now and a glimpse of the most likely future.

Because this is a minor and in the mundane world, we may have an influence over its outcome.  Through the grey, stormy clouds we glimpse a blue healing sky; the storm is already passing, so let us be hopeful.  If we act swiftly, we may yet improve this situation.  Using the energy of the swords to approach this in a thoughtful way, we may move forward with caution.

Let us look at this from another point of view.  If we allow this feeling of total despair to cloud our mind, it will infect everything we do.  Today will be lost, its opportunities gone forever.  Let us, therefore, move forward and do the best we can in these circumstances and hopefully tomorrow the sun will be shining.

Mitakuye Oyasin – We Are All Related


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