Tarot Talk 2: Bear’s medicine

The gift of Bear is silence, introspection and personal reflection.

In our culture, we think of Bear’s medicine coming from the north, symbolising earth, strength, abundance and protection.

Consider the behaviour of bears: during the winter, they go into a heavy sleep, often not coming out for months at a time.  They live in solitude and silence, until the spring, when they venture forth with renewed vigour and energy.

The mother bear will have given birth during the winter and will come out ready to begin the hard work of bringing up her cubs, often in a hostile environment.

Many spiritual paths suggest entering a state of solitude and deprevation,  in order to find direction, purpose or to gain clarity.

If we consider our own lives,  so busy and noisy, filled with the chatter of people and the buzz of electronics, we can see how silence might be a good thing.  Have you ever tried meditating only to find that your head is so full of chatter that you cannot focus?

When Bear appears, her power may suggest a period of silence will bring clarity.  Make time to be by yourself, for reflection and thoughtfulness.

The ability to give birth while in a state of solitude suggests that in matters of creativity, some period of introspection is necessary in order to make good use of opportunity.

Depending on the cards around it, you may be entering or leaving Bear’s influence.  If you are leaving it, the energy flowing through you will be driving you to make use of the insights you have gained from your quiet reflections.

Mitakuye Oyasin – We Are All Related

FS x


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