Scrapchat 7

Spring Blessings

Spring is just around the corner.  I feel it, even though the weather is still cold I can see signs of life all around, bursting out of the ground.  The birds are flirty, chasing each other around the garden, and we see them busily carrying great piles of twigs and leaves to make their nests.  Spring is definitely in the air.

I love spring and I look forward to celebrating the spring equinox, I’ve written a little about the customs of Oestara here.  Many people in this country will be looking forward to celebrating Easter and my family always looks forward to the egg hunts that I plan for my grandchildren.  Hunting for eggs is a tradition which spans culture and spiritual belief as the egg is a well known symbol of the renewal that welcomes spring.

I am planning to make some pretty baskets for my grandchildren to use to collect their eggs in.  I shall use my new Spring Blessings background papers and embellishments for this project and when they are ready I shall post some photographs here.

Meanwhile, I have made a spring greeting card which could be used for any of the spring celebrations.

I made my card using an A5 sheet of white cardstock.   I printed page 1 first and then fed it back into the printer to print the inside pages.  Then I  folded it carefully and scored it with a ruler.  I usually ink the edges of my cards, it gives them a nice little finish.

I used two papers from the kit, one for a background for the front page and one in a shape to make the journal spot for the Spring Blessings word art, from the embellishment pack.  The embies are also from the embellishment kit and I have repeated the daffodil inside.


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