Friday Freebie #7

Hi my friends, I apologise for my lengthy absence, but I’m back now and eager to catch up with y’all.

Things have been hard recently, really hard for my kids, and my scrapping and blogging had to go on hold.  Family comes first, right?

But I’ve decided that I must get back to my work and my circle.  I miss designing and all the other stuff in my life that makes me – well me!  So starting today, I’m walking the way of my life again, and lets see where it takes me.

You may notice that I’ve opened a new spot about healing.  Healing is a huge part of my life, in many ways it is my life, so if you are interested please check in at my healing circle here.

Now, let me tell you what’s going on in my life.  My lovely grandchildren are all fine, growing and developing and challenging as they must.  We had little Scarlet to stay for a few days and that was wonderfully exciting and exhilarating – and yes, rather exhausting!  But of course I did loads of things with her, crafting and baking and Cougar took lots of photos so I shall try to get some up for you to see.  I have so many beautiful grandies, they are all just perfect and I love to scrap photos of them, so perhaps I can get Cougar to find a little place to share some of my layouts of them with you.

While I’ve been dealing with family matters my design work has really been on hold but I’m trying to remedy that by working really hard now.  I’ve created some digital stamps which are now in my shop on Etsy and I’m giving you one as a freebie today, which I hope you will enjoy.  The one I have made for you today is a celebration of the goddess. I printed one out for Scarlet (aged 4½) to colour in and she chose to colour it green, how appropriate was that?  Of course, you may find you can stay between the lines even better than she did but feel free to express yourself however you choose. ☺

Download Freebie

The beauty of digital stamps is that you can print them out to colour in the traditional way, as many times as you like, or you can colour them digitally on your computer.  Your freebie will print out perfectly to at least 5” high, although you may even find it will go bigger.  The ones in the store are a very high spec and drawn using an 8” square page, so use them large or small and you will get a beautiful print out.


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