Scrapchat 6

Yesterday’s freebie was a quick page (QP) using the theme Cool Yule.

Never be afraid to adapt a QP or use it in ways unintended by the designer.  QPs are just starting points for your own creativity.

I didn’t have any landscape photos I wanted to use in this page.  What I did want to use was an old, square photo from back when I was a little girl. Using just a small part of the photo would have spoiled the effect.  After all, I was so proud of those suede boots and had ventured out into the snow just to have them photographed!

I rather enjoy using things in unexpected ways.  I think you’ll agree that putting the photograph behind two landscape apertures makes a nice window effect and it was so easy to do!

Just slide the photo behind two apertures and position it to its best effect, depending on the composition of the picture.  Then simply crop the photo to remove the excess.

By placing a drop shadow on the QP, I achieved a convincing 3D effect.  Notice I have deliberately kept the French window in the shot, although I could have moved it out of view.  It puts the photo into context and nicely affirms the illusion of the subject waving through a window.

I used the top apperture for some journaling to ‘tell the story’, which I placed on the paper from Freebie#5.  The page doesn’t need anything else, but I trimmed the tree with the bow from that kit, to repeat the bow on the tree.  I date stamped the page as I always assume that future generations will be interested in when a photo was taken and how old the subject was at the time.

Many blessings – Freespirit x

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