Freebie Friday #6

Hello again!

My, don’t the weeks go quickly?  I’ve had a real busy one this week, family stuff you know.  But here it is and its Friday again.

Anyone getting excited about the festive season yet?  I know many people will be getting ready for Thanksgiving which is coming up next week and there are so many winter festivals coming up in December, celebrations of love and light, with feasting and family visits and gifts to exchange.

I love this time of year – the lights, the shopping and the wrapping, its just my favourite time of year.  On the 21st December, I celebrate Yule – that’s my spiritual celebration.  We put out the lights and light candles.  Then we give thanks for everything good in our life and celebrate that after the longest night, the sun is ‘reborn’ and that spring will once again bring the world to life.

On the 25th we celebrate Christmas with the family and its a time of love and laughter, of exchanging gifts and being together.  I can’t wait!

This week, as its only 5 weeks to go, I’ve another festive freebie for you and this time its a quick page.

Click image to download

Quick pages (QP) are so useful when you’re in a hurry.  You can literally just drop your photos onto the page, layer them behind the QP and you’re good to go.  Got 5 minutes to spare you can pop on some embies and some text, perhaps a date stamp for your photos.  Want to play around a bit and you can tint your page to match the photos.  Remember, with digital scrapping, your imagination can go wild and if you don’t like what you’ve done, you can so easily change it.

If you feel like picking up this QP to add to your collection, please help yourself.  It would be real nice if you would leave a comment, just to show me that I’m not talking to myself.  😉

To all my cousins across the pond, have a wonderful Thanksgiving next week!

Many blessings – FS xx


One thought on “Freebie Friday #6

  1. My Mum died in October of Cancer, shame I had nobody to help me through it, oh well peace to all, thats my motto anyhows, nice yule page

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