Freebie Friday #4

Hi y’all

Hope you’ve all had a good week.

I had a great time on Halloween with the family and of course, I took lots of photos of the littlies enjoying Trick or Treat.

Halloween has become a popular holiday in the UK over the last decade or so, but people tend to love it or loathe it.  Personally I think its great fun for families to enjoy together, as long as we remember that not everyone wants to join in and respect their wishes.

My granddaughters had a Halloween birthday party in the afternoon, so duly dressed for the occasion my DIL and I took our precious little witches to their party where they enjoyed a magician’s show and birthday tea.  Then it was back home for some R&R before setting out for Trick or Treating.  As usual, we chose only the houses which had been decorated with pumpkins and black cats, bats and cobwebs, as that seems the best way to decide if someone is joining in or not.  Our little ones shouted Trick or Treat with great enthusiasm and seemed to enjoy themselves greatly.  Then it was back home to share out their booty before bedtime stories.

Its easy to believe that Halloween is a holiday we borrowed from our cousins in the USA, but in truth it all started way back in merry old England and Ireland with the new year feast of Samhain.  You can read my Blog about Halloween and its roots here:

Now to Freebie Friday!

Today I am giving you some bright fun elements of red and yellow, I hope you have fun playing with them.  You will find in your kit four brads and two transparent flowers.  I have made the brads large enough for you to play around with – shrink them up or keep them large to use as journal spots.

Click image to download

Don’t forget that with just six embies, you can make a whole host more just using Scrapbook Max.

You can change their colours; retexture them with Effects; group them together to make new embellishments; shrink them and string together to make borders; rub out the centre with the Eraser to make frames.  Your imagination is the limit.

Here are some very simple ideas for you to try:

Enjoy your freebies!

Brightest Blessings – Freespirit x


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