Freebie Friday #2

Happy Freebie Friday!

Hope you all had a great week, guess you’re all looking forward to the weekend.  I know I am.

I’m off to see the grandkids tomorrow, so busy-busy today.  I made cookies and flapjack to take and I think I shall share the recipes on my blog.  This is total indulgence cookery, not a low cal ingredient in sight!  Still, weekends are treat days, right?  So they’ll be coming right up a little later, once I’ve finished writing this blog.

I made y’all a freebie, some embies to go with the Fall into Autumn kit I’ve been working on this week.  Two flowers, two brads and a nice frame.


Click image to download

Now for any newbies, you can use brads in all sorts of ways.  You can use them in the corner of your photos – just like in traditional scrapping where you would use them to hold your photos down on the page, but here its just for decoration.  If you want, you can add drop shadows with your software, to give them a real feel of  depth on your page.  This is really easy to do with Scrapbook Max (SBM) and you can easily change the colour, direction, transparency and depth of the shadow.   Once I get really going with this blog, I’ll try to put some demos up, to help all you newbies out.

Another way to use brads is to string them together to make a ribbon effect.  In other words, make the brad small, copy it then paste as many of them alongside each other as you need.  You can align them and then group together and hey presto, you’ve made a nice border.  If you are using SBM you can also export the group as a .png and you have made a new embie all for yourself.

Your brads will also look very nice when used as journal spots, with your journalling layered on top.  You might also put your photos ‘in’ them using shapes or cutout tools.

Remember with Digital Scrapbooking, your own imagination is the limit.  If you can think it, you can probably do it.

Have fun and have a great weekend.

Blessings – FS xx

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