Chocolate chip fudge cookies

5½ oz dark chocolate chips (cooking chocolate works fine)
1 oz chopped fudge pieces
3 oz margarine
2 oz muscavado sugar
4½ oz SR flour
1 good tablespoon golden syrup

Beat margarine and sugar together
Mix in flour and golden syrup
Add chocolate chips and fudge pieces

Mixture should be stiff and a little sticky
Using two teaspoons, put dollops onto parchment covered baking sheets,  spacing well apart as these will spread
This amount will make about 18 – 20 cookies

Cook 10 – 12 minutes at about 170 – 180 degrees, until golden
The fudge will melt onto the baking sheets.  Just pull in any spread edges of the cookies, it will harden as it cools.
Allow to cool on the parchment before removing to cooling trays.  These cookies have a lovely texture, with crunchy bits from the cooked fudge and go very well with vanilla icecream.

Freespirit © 2010


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