The Raven’s Call

The raven tapped on the window
And whispered: Come with me child,
Out in the darkness where magick lives
And let your spirit run wild!
I pulled the cover up tightly
But there was the tapping again:
And the raven called more urgently
Through the darkened pane
Tap-tap on the window pane.

I huddled there in the darkness
Reluctant to hear his call
But still I heard his ghostly voice
That held me in its thrall.
It weaved the darkest magicks
And spoke of things untold
Till I wanted to share his darkness
And my blood was running cold.

As in a dream I left the bed
And walked across the room;
I saw his darkened wings lift high
As he hovered in the gloom;
I threw the window wide and felt
The wind, an icy blast –
And in the darkness of the night
My spirit soared at last

The wonders of the universe
Were shown to me that night;
All mysteries were known by me
Through that enchanted flight!
I gazed upon the rainbow lights
Of Saturn’s cosmic ring;
I wept upon a crystal moon
And heard the angels sing.

And later when my heart grew still
I felt the cold of dawn –
How many eons had I flown
Before that fateful morn?
I looked upon my skin at last
Translucent, like the air,
My body like a wraith of night
I saw no substance there.

I could not say my heart felt fear
I felt no heart at all;
But on the wind I heard a sigh
A gentle earthly call;
Come home, my child, these mysteries
Come only at great cost
But a harsher voice replied, Too late:
She is already lost!

I flew right up to the window
But the pane was shuttered tight;
I called to myself through the darkened glass –
I’m back from my wondrous flight!
But the face that gazed back at me
Was not my face at all,
And it spoke to me in a ghostly voice
That held me in its thrall!

So I tap each night on the window
And whisper – let me come home;
Its cold out here in the darkness
Now that everything is known;
I look on the me who is not me –
And I call, and call again;
But my cries remain unanswered
Just the echo of a refrain;
Tap-tap on the window pane.

Freespirit © 2004


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