The angel spoke in the darkness
And said: I am your special guide
But my ears were only listening
To the other voices inside
And through the nightmare darkness
He waited until I slept
And by morning light the voices were still
As my angel silently wept

He returned next night by the moonlight
And spoke to me once more,
But still I would not hear him
As he waited by the door
He waited for me to call him
Into my aching heart
And though my heart was closed to him
Never did he depart

Each night throughout my sorrowing
A silent vigil he kept
And he held my hand in the darkness
Until at last I slept
He carried me when I felt my feet
Could no longer carry me
And he kept a watch when my eyes were closed
So tightly I would not see.

Until by and by I heard him speak
In a voice like falling snow
His silver wings were held aloft
All lit by a golden glow
And I knew he had been there all along
How he’d taken all my sorrow
And made it his own so I could heal
And face a new tomorrow

As I walk upon the Good Red Road
I know there will come a time
When sorrow will visit me again,
With reason not, nor rhyme;
Perhaps I shall stop remembering
As lost and alone I hide
But whenever I most have need of him
My angel is by my side.

Freespirit © 2006


2 thoughts on “Angel

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