The Unicorn

As I wandered lost and friendless, seeking out my lonely trail,
And my way seemed ever toilsome, and my body much too frail
To endure the growing hardships and the sorrows I had borne;
I stumbled on the presence of the fabled unicorn.

The moonlight played a spectral dance upon his glowing hide;
His eyes were amber pools of light; I wondered if I’d died
And found myself, unwittingly, in some Elysian glade.
But peace and love enshrouded me and I was unafraid.

I paused then on my journey drinking deeply of his essence
Knowing that everything of truth was held within his presence
And I wondered in that moment if he had been sent to guide
My faltering footsteps further on the path where I must bide.

“Will you stay awhile?” I asked him, staring at his wondrous horn
But he shook his head and sadly sighed; “It is for earthly born
To walk this path without my aid.”  He gazed at me in grief
“Please understand by cosmic law this meeting must be brief”.

But still I looked into his eyes, and seeing only wisdom there,
I tried once more: “O wisest one, have you no time to spare?
I have been labouring long and I am feeling lone and lost –
Are these burdens that I carry really worth the tears they’ve cost?”

He shook his head, still sadly, looking deep into my mind
And when he spoke his voice, though firm, was infinitely kind:
“I wish that I could answer every question in your soul;
But long ago it was ordained that this is not my role;

“For though your race is curious we feel it is essential
For us to let you find your way to fulfil your potential;
And like the poppy in the field grows free and undefiled
So your race, so proud and free, must walk its path, my child.”

Angry then, I cried in pain, “Why have you come to me?”
And he spoke again, more quietly still, “Beloved, don’t you see?
I felt your growing burdens and I thought to ease your pain
And one day when your path is trod, my child, we’ll meet again.

“And though you think me gone you will never be alone –
Just listen for me in the wind or seek me in a stone,
See me in a baby’s smile; feel me in a warm embrace
And when you find your soul mate you will see me in that face.

“I cannot share your road for another path is mine
But understand that you and I are part of the divine;
And the circle which joins us time and space transcends;
I was there at your beginning; I will be there at the end”

Freespirit © 2004


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