The Mermaid

With azure eyes she scanned the bay
The screeching seagulls cried above;
Sunlight shone on golden scales
As she searched, lonely, for her love.

His hair was bright like ripened corn
With skin as fair as new mown hay;
And as they’d kissed, their love they’d sworn
As in each other’s arms they lay.

And yet she was Poseidon’s child
And born of ocean, swiftly free;
And he was of the forest wild
Of leaf and mould and old oak tree.

She could not live on land, she said:
“The ocean’s child must live in water.
My home is deep upon the sea-bed
You know I am Poseidon’s daughter.

“But I am of a magical race
With Undine’s power – just take my hand
And you can dwell within my place
And never more return to land.”

And as they lay ‘neath setting sun
He promised even as they kissed:
“We’ll swim beneath the waves, as one”
And so they made their lover’s tryst.

He left her then, but promised, “Soon
I’ll meet you here, where breakers foam
We’ll meet beneath the rising moon
The briny depths will be our home.”

And as the moon rose high above
He walked through woods he knew so well
And vowed he’d leave them for his love
And ‘neath the raging foam they’d dwell.

He did not come, of course, how could he?
To never feel again dew’s spell
Upon his skin, when wakened early,
He walked within a sun kissed dell.

But sometimes as he walks the shore
And looks into the ocean’s deeps;
Above the thunderous breakers’ roar
He hears a mermaid’s cry, and weeps.

Freespirit © 2004


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