The Lovers

They met somewhere along the way
She slipped into his velvet eyes
And said I did not realise
The road would feel so grey:
I’ve been so lonely to the core,
I thought that I would slowly drown;
The world would still be spinning round
But I would be no more.

He said, My name may not be known,
But you are welcome by My side
I cannot promise much beside –
I tend to walk alone.
She searched within to find His soul
But found Him dark and incomplete
His heart moved to a different beat
His barrenness was cold.

But still she warmed Him in her arms
And strived to find the man inside
The shadowed form she walked beside;
And using all her charms
She tried to tease His name from him
And loved Him with such girlish grace
She brought a smile to His face
A face so dark and grim.

But by and by she came across
The name she sought so long to find;
Too late she cried within her mind –
I am already lost!
And whispering on her last sweet breath,
What cruel irony Eos?
The man I love is Thanatos –
I gave myself to Death.

Together their dark watch they keep:
Inexorably, he takes what’s his;
But soothing with a dreamer’s kiss
His gentle lover sends them sleep.
So Death can wear another face;
A little hope to light the dark,
A gentle breeze, a willing heart,
To face the dark abyss with grace.

Freespirit © 2004

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