The carousel horse gazed at me with sadly vacant eye
And whispered softly in my mind; I wish that I could fly
Instead of going round and round and round …
And then the rocking horse spoke up, I wish that I were you;
You’re blessed in that you get to see an ever changing view
I’d rather that than bouncing up and down …
But the marionette murmured sadly, I wish I had your springs;
I only get to dance around when someone pulls my strings –
What point is there in being someone’s clown?

Then from a tiny gilded cage I heard the sweetest song
The golden notes sang clear to me; I think they have it wrong –
Things are not always as they seem to be;
I saw the wings so cruelly clipped, the tiny flightless bird,
Who gladly sang within her cage and uttered not a word
Of what she’d lost and things she’d never see.
She sang a song of love and joy for everyone to hear
And people came from far and wide.   I brushed away a tear,
For still I saw a bird who was not free.

But later on I reached a point I thought I understood;
From every situation you can find something of good
If something good is what you think you’ll find;
But if you always think that someone else has so much more –
Your expectations will be met – you always will be poor:
Our limitations forge the chains that bind.
So many things we cannot change except our point of view:
Perhaps in hope the captive finds a liberty that’s true –
And freedom may be just a state of mind.

Freespirit © 2004


11 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. Wonderful write…I like how you used an amusement park to teach a real life lesson…and truly, freedom is just a state of mind…5 star work with 5 star message.


  2. I love how you used the animals to portray a truth in life.
    And you summed it all up beautifully.

    “in hope the captive finds a liberty that’s true –
    And freedom may be just a state of mind.”

  3. ’tis a sad state of freedom i guess, to be free in a cage.

    this reminds me of the stone cutter who couldn’t be satisfied until he became himself again =]

    thank you for reminding me of this.


  4. I’m so sorry – I’m only just learning how to use this ‘blog’ stuff and I didn’t realise all these lovely comments were here until now.

    I am deeply grateful to you all, for taking the time and trouble to express your pleasure at my work – it really does make it worthwhile.

    Many and many blessings and gratitude to you all. FS xx

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