Angel by your side

I heard an angel singing
It was the sweetest sound
A silver bell was ringing,
And echoed all around
I let his voice caress me
Like a soft and gentle breeze,
I felt his great wings lift me
Up through the swaying trees

I soared then like an eagle
Up through the candy clouds
Over the towering mountains
On through their misty shrouds
Until everywhere was sunlight
And filled with a golden glow
That rained like flowing stardust
On the people far below

I watched with mounting clarity,
Blessed by some special sight –
And every being I could see
Was bathed within this light
And as I watched the scene unfold
My wondering eyes grew wide –
For every person I could see
Had an angel by their side

I gently floated down and down,
Back to the earthly plane
Back into reality
Where everything is sane
I felt a momentary sense
Of loss, deeply profound;
I tried to hear the angel sing
But couldn’t hear a sound

Was this just a vision then
Perhaps some cosmic game?
How could I call my angel back
When I hadn’t asked his name?
But when I listened to my heart
The answer came, so clear,
“You have no need to call me back –
I’ve always been right here”

The knowledge grew within my mind
That long I had denied
That each and every one of us
Has an angel by our side.
Each load you carry he bears too
Each pain leaves him a scar
But he will never judge you,
For he loves you, as you are

Freespirit © 2006


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