Freebie Friday #1

Where did the week go? Hope you all had a good one, mine just vanished, and now there’s the weekend to enjoy!

I think Autumn is such a lovely time of the year, but it goes by so quickly. I love the colours of the trees, the late bursts of sunshine which are somehow more enjoyable because we know we shall soon be moving into the darker months. But there’s so much to do. Cougar reminded me only the other day that there was tidying to be done in the garden. For those gardeners among us, there are late vegetables to be harvested and in our garden a glut of tomatoes just beginning to turn red. They’ll have to come inside now to finish ripening, as its becoming too cold outside. In the hedgerows there may still be berries to pick, for turning into delicious pies and jams for the winter store cupboard.

But enough of the food talk, its making me hungry. On that topic I’ve decided to post up some of my recipes, so watch out for those coming soon. Don’t expect me to be posting anything low calorie though – I did a lot of that in my days as a Weight Watcher leader, now I’m strictly on the team of Naughty but Nice! Gorgeous cookies and yummy scones are more my style these days. As I am often known to quote “I can resist anything but temptation”. 😉

So its Friday and as promised I have a wee giftie for you. Friday Freebie #1 – a mini kit I put together, featuring three vintage style backgrounds and some embellishments.

Friday Freebie #1

Click image to download

I love to work with vintage images – I often use old photos and postcards, collected from the public domain. Public domain works are those whose copyright has expired. For example, if I wish to use some poetry in my work, I may use the poems of Edgar Allen Poe or the Bronte sisters, whose works are in the public domain worldwide because the authors died at least 100 years ago. There is a certain grace to old images and nostalgic writing which I find quite inspirational, I hope you will too.

In your mini kit I have included two shapes. These are black transparent pngs. Using your own favourite scrapping or art program you can recolour or fill them as you wish. I have shown them filled with one of the papers, just to give you an example.

Well folks, busy busy and much to be done so I’ll love you and leave you and wish you a very happy weekend.

Many Blessings – Freespirit xx


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